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A video is currently making rounds on the internet showcasing the Biden family gathered on a White House balcony during July 4th. In the clip, Hunter Biden, who appears to be visibly energetic and agitated, can be seen engaging in questionable behavior in the background. Speculation has arisen from viewers suggesting that Hunter might have snorted cocaine on the balcony. Interestingly, this aligns with the timeline as the Secret Service reportedly discovered cocaine in the White House.

Conveniently, law enforcement has announced that the coke culprit will likely never be identified.


Law enforcement officials confirmed on Wednesday that cocaine was found at the White House over the weekend.

But one official familiar with the investigation cautioned that the source of the drug was unlikely to be determined given that it was discovered in a highly trafficked area of the West Wing.

The small amount of cocaine was found in a cubby area for storing electronics within the West Exec basement entryway into the West Wing, where many people have authorized access, including staff or visitors coming in for West Wing tours.

Asked what the chances were of finding the culprit, the official said that “it’s gonna be very difficult for us to do that because of where it was.”

“Even if there were surveillance cameras, unless you were waving it around, it may not have been caught” by the cameras, added the official, who spoke on condition of anonymity given that it’s an ongoing investigation. “It’s a bit of a thoroughfare. People walk by there all the time.”

The elites are attempting to convince us that an unidentified “visitor” managed to enter the White House with cocaine rather than acknowledge the fact that the president’s son, who is widely known to struggle with a cocaine addiction, could be involved.

These people think we’re all stupid.

We can’t know for sure what Hunter was up to in the background of this clip, but what’s truly intriguing is Jill Biden’s reaction. Take a look at the clip and focus on Jill. It’s clear that she’s aware of some troubling things happening within her family, and she’s absolutely furious. Her anger is written all over her face, and it seems to be directed specifically at Hunter.

Here’s an even closer look:

Hunter looks like a nervous wreck.

Looking at Jill, it appears she’s livid. The way she swivels her head towards Hunter is a picture of pure anger. And that clenched jaw of hers? Tighter than a vice. It sure seems she’s aware that Hunter’s up to something, and she’s not too happy about it.

We’ll leave you with this last thought from journalist Rogan O’Handley.

Decency is back, folks. The adults are now in charge…