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Lately, there has been much commotion surrounding the Hunter and Joe Biden business scandal. On Monday afternoon, Hunter’s former best friend and business partner, Devon Archer, showed up on Capitol Hill to speak with members of Congress about Hunter and Joe’s shenanigans — all behind closed doors. Devon seemed quite cheerful upon arrival:

Could that smile be concealing ulterior motives? Hunter and Joe should probably be concerned, as Devon may be seeking some revenge. After all, it was Obama and Joe’s admin that had Devon arrested while Hunter got away without facing consequences.

Here’s what Chantel Rion from OANN had to say about that:

Hunter Biden’s best friend, partner, and jail-bound Devon Archer is set to talk to congress behind closed doors.

He can’t be a happy camper – he gets jail time, Hunter Biden doesn’t.

Devon Archer to Hunter: “Why did your dad’s admin and appointees arrest me and put me in jail? … why would they try and ruin my family and destroy my kids and no one from your family’s side step in and at least try to help me. I don’t get it. And I’m depressed.”

Here’s a closeup of the text:

devon archer hunter text

And speaking of Hunter’s friends, that leads us to the new bombshell story from the investigative team at the Washington Examiner, who delved into the matter and uncovered a million-dollar question for Hunter and Obama’s DOJ: Why were associates of Hunter forced to register under FARA for doing the exact same work as Hunter was doing at Burisma while he was exempt from doing so?

Here’s what Washington Examiner investigative reporter Sarah Bedford dug up:

New: Records show that several of Hunter Biden’s business partners registered under FARA for doing the exact same work for the exact same companies as Hunter Biden. Last year, the DOJ pressured two close associates of his to register under FARA for the Burisma work they did years ago. Hunter Biden was the one who brought them into the Burisma deal in the first place.

Why other people had to register foreign lobbying activity that Hunter Biden did not is a key question.

Washington Examiner:

A day in court that was supposed to mark the end of Hunter Biden’s legal troubles may have been the start of even more, as the judge rejected a plea deal on Wednesday that Hunter Biden believed would shield him from prosecution for his foreign business dealings.

Some of the people at a firm that worked with Hunter Biden in advocating Burisma, the Ukrainian energy company whose board Hunter Biden joined in 2014, registered their work under FARA after apparent prodding from the Justice Department.

Their firm, Blue Star Strategies, was under investigation by the DOJ at the time.

Why they were permitted to file foreign lobbying disclosures years after the work took place, rather than face penalties for their failure to do so, remains unclear.

Sally Painter and Karen Tramontano, the Blue Star Strategies consultants whose emails reflect a close working relationship with Hunter Biden on Burisma, registered as foreign lobbyists representing Burisma’s chief, Mykola Zlochevsky, in 2022. Zlochevsky was under criminal investigation in Ukraine.

Tramontano and Painter disclosed to the government that they helped set up meetings between Zlochevsky’s attorney and State Department officials, according to FARA documents.

Those meetings occurred in 2016, while Joe Biden was vice president.

Hunter really is above the law, isn’t he? The Examiner piece continues:

Emails show Hunter Biden was also in contact with Hochstein during his time on the Burisma board and that he met with Hochstein in 2015.

Hunter Biden appeared to have attempted to work with another associate whose foreign lobbying required disclosure under FARA while his father was vice president.

In 2010, Hunter Biden told that associate, Mark Doyle, that he would stack a trip to meet the president of Serbia and other wealthy Serbians at the end of his father’s official travel to Spain.

“JRB will be in Madrid and I can catch a ride with him and fly over to Serbia and back with you,” Hunter Biden wrote to Mark Doyle, a registered foreign lobbyist, in April 2010.

The meetings were ostensibly about locking down more investments for his firm.

Like Blue Star Strategies, Doyle disclosed his work for the Serbian government in FARA filings.

Hunter Biden was eager to get involved with the Serbian project, emailing Doyle that he wanted “to get this started right away.”

“Whom should I be laying the ground work [sic] with?” Hunter Biden wrote in 2011. “IMF, World Bank, Ambassadors?”

Doyle also appears to have attempted to put together a deal between Hunter Biden and the Saudi Business Council in 2011, when Hunter Biden’s associates requested so much money for the president’s son that the broker, a Nigerian businessman, balked at the figure.

The Justice Department has also brought criminal charges over a FARA violation involving work with a Chinese company that paid Hunter Biden hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The more we learn about the Biden Boys, the more corrupt and evil they appear to be. The GOP better understand that the American people expect to see justice, in no uncertain terms.