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France is a disaster right now. The situation in the troubled country has been extremely volatile, with violent rioters hitting the streets for the third night straight. It all began when a police officer shot and killed a North African teenager who had reportedly threatened him and then fled the scene in his car.

This is the mother of the boy who was shot.

She’s obviously pure class.

Now, things are  spiraling into a “George Floyd” wave of hellfire and damnation across the country. Fires, break-ins, even looting of police vehicles — all the usual stuff is unfolding according the script. In addition, protesters, who many claim are migrants and left-wing Antifa-types, are targeting banks, blocking roads, and even setting cars on fire. Officials claim they arrested a staggering 667 rioters in just one night.

But the real tragedy in all this chaos is what happened in Marseille. A viral video circulating on social media shows an appalling sight – thanks to these anarchists and arsonists, the city’s largest public library, a reservoir of knowledge and cultural heritage, was engulfed in flames. This is the type of stuff you see ISIS do. Radical terrorists love to destroy culture.


There was an explosion in the Old Port of Marseille on Friday evening, according to CNN affiliate BFMTV, but no casualties were reported. The broadcaster also shared video showing damage to the Alcazar library in Marseille which it said had been vandalized during the night.

Perhaps “no casualties were reported” is the new “mostly peaceful protests”? You know things are bad when even CNN is reporting it.

This is way more than just “property damage” we’re talking about. This was the city’s cultural heart and soul they destroyed. But honestly, do these lumpenproletariat rioters even care? They went ahead with their sickening plan without giving a second thought to the massive cultural loss they were causing. But why would they care? They don’t appreciate French culture, and would likely prefer a one-world society anyway.

The thugs are targeting a particular set of French institutions.

Free Press News:

Schools, town halls and police stations were targeted by people setting fires, and police used tear gas, water cannons and dispersion grenades against rioters, the spokesperson told media.

As we watch what’s happening in France, it becomes clearer why Hungary’s President, Viktor Orban, is fiercely working to prevent such dangerous and deadly ideologies from taking root in his country. God Bless him for his efforts.