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Hunter may think he’s out of the woods, but he’s not. Yes, there’s an entire regime working overtime to protect this perverted criminal, but his house of cards is starting to fall. We can thank the IRS, of all people, for that happening. Specifically, it’s the whistleblowers who have bravely come forward to reveal how the Biden regime ran major interference for Biden’s crackhead son. These whistleblowers are testifying before Congress today, but it was a recent CBS interview that’s really causing a stir.”

CBS News:

Special Agent Joseph Ziegler, a 13-year veteran of the IRS, is the second IRS employee to come forward to claim the federal tax investigation into the president’s son supported criminal charges more serious than the misdemeanor tax charges he is scheduled to plead guilty to next week as part of a plea bargain.

“When you’re prevented from going down certain roads, I guess I don’t know what could have been found if we were not hamstrung or not handcuffed,” Ziegler told CBS News.

Ziegler, who has been known only as “Agent X,” revealed his identity Wednesday at the insistence of lawmakers, who called him before a House committee to describe his role in the federal investigation into Hunter Biden. As the main IRS case agent, he worked with his supervisor Gary Shapley and says the evidence they uncovered “supported felony and misdemeanor tax charges.”

Zeigler’s investigation spanned both the Trump and Biden administrations.

Just so you know who this whistleblower is, his name is Joseph Ziegler, also known as ‘Whistleblower X.’ He’s a 13-year veteran of the agency and an award-winner who alleges that President Joe Biden’s Justice Department politically interfered in the criminal probe of Hunter Biden. Joseph is a registered Democrat, and he’s married to a man. Clearly, this isn’t a “witch hunt” by a group of Trump-supporting IRS renegades. As a matter of fact, this guy is so upstanding that he claims he didn’t vote in the 2020 election because he didn’t want to appear biased.

While speaking to CBS, Joseph dropped a bombshell about Hunter and his kids. It turns out the IRS was desperate to speak to Hunter’s adult children, but were blocked and told that doing so would land them in “hot water.”

And the drama rolls on… Today, Gary Shaply, also an IRS whistleblower, sat before Congress and didn’t mince words. It’s apparent to everyone that Hunter Biden received special treatment. But the extent of it is even more alarming than we initially thought. How does that saying go? The coverup is worse than the crime? In this case, they’re all equal.

We’re now getting an idea of exactly how much money the Biden boys made… and it’s A LOT.

It’s odd how Hunter’s straightforward, open-and-shut cases get dismissed, but complex accusations against Trump are pounced on like the hottest trend ever.

Speaking of Hunter “straightforwardness,” our very own MTG put Hunter’s perversion on blast during the hearing.

Don’t ever forget, part of the two-tier justice system is this elaborate game of cat and mouse that’s totally rigged for regime elites.

If that wasn’t enough, close associates of the regime were even sharing their opinions about whether or not to charge Hunter. Of course, there’s no way they could have been biased, right? Utterly ridiculous.

Hearing all this, it’s hard to believe that Hunter might yet again skate free. But, unfortunately, it could happen; as political elites like Hunter and Joe are above the law and they genuinely don’t care if you know it. Our only real hope is that Democrats, who are eager to oust Biden as quickly as possible, might seize this chance to pull him down. But sadly, that’s not “justice,” it’s just more political games being played at the American people’s expense.

Live video here:

We’ll keep you updated with more videos from this spectacle as the day unfolds…




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