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Have you heard? They found cocaine inside the White House. That’s right folks, decency is back!


What’s very curious is that Hunter, a known coke addict, has unfettered access to the White House and can come and go with less security scrutiny than the average visitor. Joe made it very clear to his staff that he would not limit visits with his troubled son.

NBC News:

NBC News reported that the president had made it clear to his political aides that he would not listen to advice on limiting public appearances with his embattled son.

Did Hunter actually moved into the White House so that Joe, a classic “enabler,” can keep an eye on him because Hunter is destined to fail and will likely break his pre-trial diversion agreement and face punishment and humiliation?

That is, unless Joe can sweep everything under the rug, including all the white powdery substances…


Hunter Biden—a frequent target of Republican scrutiny—has been seen with his father regularly since reaching an agreement with federal prosecutors in June to plead guilty to misdemeanor tax offenses.

His regular appearances with the president before and after the agreement was made public have led some to believe he lives at the White House.


Although it is not clear whether the president’s son officially resides there, his stays and public appearances have drawn scrutiny from Republicans.

Speaking of that white stuff, even more curious is that Hunter was just at the White House a couple days before the coke was found and right before he left for Camp David with Joe Biden.

According to reports, the cocaine baggy was found in the library, a place where Hunter was reportedly sitting on his laptop — here we go again with Hunter’s “laptop” issues. Maybe he should avoid technology all together?

This is a photo of the library:

Ari Fleischer makes a very valid point regarding the location of the cocaine. Will reporters actually do their jobs? Don’t hold your breath.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to connect all these dots, does it?

Daily Mail:

The Biden family arrived back at the White House for Independence Day celebrations as the Secret Service investigates cocaine found in the mansion’s library on Sunday night.

Joe and Jill were joined by son Hunter, his wife Melissa and son Beau, three, as they stepped off Marine One on Tuesday after the discovery of white powder sparked a hazmat situation and forced an evacuation of the White House.

A dispatch call reviewed by reveals a preliminary test found that the white powder tested positive for cocaine – leading to an evacuation of the White House premises.

The discovery came two days after Hunter, 52, was last seen at the White House as he headed to Camp David with his father for the long holiday weekend.

Mystery has ensued over who brought cocaine into the White House and the Secret Service is investigating the matter.

Trolls are speculating that the president’s addict son is the source of the illegal substance.

The White House library, however, is part of the tour of where members of the public regularly walk through. It is also two floors below the first family’s living quarters.

It doesn’t matter how much Joe, the Enabler in Chief, tries to protect and shield his son; it’s a pointless and fruitless endeavor because when Hunter, an addict at heart, is chafing and dying for some blow, nothing can stop him.