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According to FBI testimony, Joe Biden was heavily involved in the federal investigation into his son, Hunter Biden. An IRS agent who was assigned to the case informed Congress that Biden was “extremely well known” to the authorities who were conducting the probe, and even made appearances at an FBI office during the investigation.

Wow. That seems highly unprofessional and unethical.

The New York Post:

“There were definitely potential issues I saw with working this case in Delaware,” IRS special agent Joseph Ziegler said in prepared remarks before the House Oversight Committee. “We were working with a small [US Attorney’s Office] who might not have ever worked a case of this caliber. Delaware was the state in which the subject’s father lived in, and the family was extremely well known throughout the state, including [by] people on the team.”

This was later evident by the president, Joe Biden, having to come into the FBI office on an unrelated matter, and it being joked [about] with the team,” Ziegler added, presumably referring to the bureau’s Baltimore field office. “Another example was that a magistrate judge in Delaware made inappropriate comments at the signing of the first electronic search warrant that had caused her to recuse themself from the investigation, which set us back an additional 4 months as we had to draft new warrants and redo investigative steps.”

Joe probably didn’t foresee that two of the main officials would emerge as incredibly professional, and highly-respected whistleblowers. These individuals have no reason to subject themselves to this hell on earth, other than their desire to do what’s right for their nation. One of these whistleblowers is actually a registered Democrat and is “married” to a man. The New York Post continues:

Ziegler and his boss, IRS supervisory agent Gary Shapley, affirmed their prior testimony to the House Ways and Means Committee that the president’s Justice Department slow-walked a five-year probe into the first son’s alleged financial crimes.

The IRS whistleblowers said Biden-appointed US attorneys interfered in the case by preventing Delaware US Attorney David Weiss from charging Hunter Biden last year with tax fraud in Southern California and Washington, DC.

Everyone knows this was a gigantic coverup. The Bidens believe they are above the law, and by the looks of it, they actually are. The piece goes on:

Weiss and Attorney General Merrick Garland have both denied the claims, maintaining the Delaware prosecutor had authority to bring any charges he sought.

The two IRS agents also said federal authorities tipped off Hunter’s legal team about a potential search of his northern Virginia storage locker and a December 2020 effort to interview him, preventing either from being carried out.

Other efforts to inquire about the president’s involvement in his son’s million-dollar business deals abroad and seek felony charges for $2.2 million in missed tax payments were thwarted.

It seems like the “Big Guy” wanted to make his presence known, possibly as a not-so-subtle way to make sure everyone stayed on “task.”

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