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This video of an elderly French woman sobbing in the streets has gone viral. Human Events podcaster, Jack Posobiec shared it with this caption:

An older French woman is pleading with police to not arrest the rioters bc it would be racist I have never seen anything like this

The clip was slapped with a “community note” from Twitter, which states the following:

The woman is saying in french “Please do not go fight, it’s ridiculous.” (Je vous en prie n’allez pas vous battre, c’est ridicule.). She doesn’t mention any arrest and do not talk about racism in this video.

The notes claim there was no mention of racism, but was it implied by her sobbing on the ground, begging cops not to attack the rioters, who are largely Arab and black migrants?  Community notes aside, it’s a disturbing image.

This is the same mentality that existed during the “Summer of Love,” when cities across the U.S. blazed in the wake of George Floyd’s death. We were told that “peaceful protesters” were being attacked by racist cops. The left even suggested that  idea that everyone should step aside and allow the “protesters” to riot and loot. Who can forget headlines like this from outlets like The New York Times:

France is now staring down its own “George Floyd” moment, and it’s a safe bet that things won’t be the same there anymore. This crisis could trigger a significant shift in their societal dynamics, where the Floyd phenomenon takes hold and turns France into just another racially divided wasteland. Meanwhile, some are saying the best thing to do politically is just to sit back and watch it all burn…

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