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UPDATE: The numbers are in and they spell disaster. More at the bottom…

The highly anticipated new Fox News primetime lineup premiered Monday night. What was expected to be a significant victory for Fox following the dismissal of Tucker Carlson and his replacement with Jesse Watters turned out to be a huge flop. According to insiders, this failure has caused widespread panic at the cable network. Chadwick Moore, an author and “insider” regarding Fox News, says his sources confirm it was a ratings nightmare.

The bad ratings are Fox News’ least concern. The real issue for the struggling news network is that they’ve become irrelevant. With figures (like them or not) like President Trump, Tucker, Vivek, DeSantis, and even folks like Libs of TikTok and influencers like Chris Rufo, Matt Walsh, Megyn Kelly and Candace Owens dominating the public conversation on the right — and in many cases, bypassing traditional media — no one is really interested in what Fox News has to say anymore. The network did this to itself, it shot itself in the foot. After all, just note to yourself how many of the above figures were either discarded or not hired by Fox News, and how many more influential figures we could list that passed through Fox News: Glenn Beck, Ben Shapiro, Dan Bongino, Tomi Lahren — the list goes on. As far as influencers go, Fox News seems like it’s just down to Gutfeld and Jesse Watters.

Once a titan in cable news, Fox is now just an echo chamber for the establishment. They’re no better or different than CNN or MSNBC, and the current ratings reflect that.

UPDATE: The numbers spell disaster. Here they are:

Fox is spiraling the drain with the 25-54 year old demographic.

Hannity is losing to Maddow.

Check it out:


And there it is… Fox won’t even let Trump go live for fear he might make fun of them:

Did you even hear that Trump was doing a town hall with Hannity? We sure didn’t. Fox is irrelevant to the national political conversation at this juncture.

Lots of sour grapes at Fox…