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Given the flurry of bombshells from the FBI and IRS whistleblowers, it’s puzzling why impeachment proceedings haven’t begun yet — particularly in the case of Merrick Garland, the self-proclaimed head of the “Save Hunter” brigade. He’s been bending over backwards to keep Hunter Biden’s criminal activities — and those of his father, Joe — under wraps. Fortunately, the whistleblowers are standing in his way by putting Garland in the spotlight. And now, thanks to the IRS whistleblowers, we know exactly why Merrick refused to assign a “special counsel” to investigate the Hunter Biden laptop, tax evasion, and gun charges. If he did, it would quickly reveal the obstruction of justice that’s occurring in Garland’s department. That’s what investigative journalist Paul Sperry is learning from his inside sources involved in the current congressional investigation.

Here’s what Sperry said in his tweet:

But it’s not just Merrick Garland who’s been running cover for Hunter. He picked up where Bill Barr left off.



So, Bill Barr, an experienced lawyer and politician, “hoped” that Joe Biden would manage the Hunter Biden investigation “responsibly.” What a farce. These regime elites aren’t even trying to maintain a facade of impartiality and seriousness. The entire saga surrounding Hunter and his laptop was like a carefully choreographed ballet. From Barr to Garland, and every “dancer” in between, they all executed their steps perfectly to keep the performance flowing. Each move was precise and timed to perfection so the production would go off without a hitch.

Should Merrick be impeached? He certainly should. If not, Kevin McCarthy ought to be removed as Speaker of the House.

The Hill:

House Republicans are debating whether to focus impeachment efforts on Attorney General Merrick Garland after Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) suggested an inquiry against him, taking some members by surprise after much of the GOP impeachment furor had been directed at other Biden officials.

In a year where the GOP has been most steadily focused on possible impeachments of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas or President Biden, McCarthy often has been the voice urging the conference to move patiently and deliberately.

But he has shown more vigor when eyeing Garland, an official leading an agency often derided by the GOP but a figure less frequently cited by the party’s members who are most keen on impeachment.

McCarthy first elevated the topic with a tweet late last month touting testimony of an IRS whistleblower who has alleged mismanagement of the investigation into Hunter Biden, saying it could serve as “a significant part of a larger impeachment inquiry.”

But the conference — though eager to investigate — hasn’t rushed to back the idea, with some questioning whether there is a legal basis for impeaching Garland and others saying different Cabinet secretaries should be reviewed first.

Conservatives are tired of these grandstanding committees. We want to see some heads roll.