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In yet another astonishing “coincidence,” the U.S. government conveniently scheduled their UFO hearings on the same day that Hunter Biden’s entire plea agreement fell apart.

Normally, they would indict President Trump with a new crime on such occasions, but this time they opted for a different distraction, using aliens as a cover-up.

Unfortunately for them, it didn’t succeed. Americans have become so skeptical and disillusioned with a corrupt and tyrannical government that they either don’t believe anything they say or simply don’t care.

It’s a clear indication of a nation in decline. Even so, the government went all out, even making claims about actual “alien” bodies stacked up at the Pentagon — well, not literally, but they’re essentially suggesting the existence of “little green men.”

Even after dropping that bombshell, Americans collectively yawned, more concerned about Epstein’s client list.

It’s amazing that the U.S. government has supposedly captured aliens but still can’t find the guy who planted the DNC pipe bomb in a city with more cameras than people. Needless to say, many folks saw this as just another way to distract from the Biden boys and their scandals.

Revolver’s own Darren Beattie is equally unimpressed and laughs off this so-called “government whistleblower.”

Darren even appeared on Alex Jones’ podcast to debunk this latest government attempt to distract the cattle.

Many people suspect that the unimpressive UFO hearings will be followed by yet another Trump indictment. It’s back to the best “distraction” money can buy, right?

Speaking of President Trump, his wise words about alien life 2014 really ring true today.

Let’s face it, we’re running low on “intelligent life” here. Why would an alien waste their time?