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Chia’s 15-minute cities have a cleverly diabolical design feature. These cities accommodate tens of thousands of people within these expansive areas, yet they only offer a couple of exit points where everyone must scan their QR code for entry and exit. The clever and diabolical part is that this enables governments to not only closely monitor everyone, but it also gives authorities the ability to swiftly lock down massive groups of people with just a few simple moves. It’s all very dystopian, but presented like an oasis.

The left-wing propaganda surrounding China’s 15-Minute Cities is shameless. They actually call these little prisons “life circles,” if you can believe that one.

Sixth Tone:

That’s why cities with a high proportion of service industries, like Shanghai, Beijing, and Shenzhen, have begun floating goals like building 15-minute community life circles. The idea is to blend urban functions in smaller spaces, obviating the need for long commutes. As envisioned in Paris, the plan would allow people to fulfill a dozen needs within 15 minutes’ travel time.

The benefits of the 15-minute city are numerous. It reduces the cost of commuting, increases productivity, and allows people to spend more time with their families, enjoying life, or learning. (To that end, Paris has made libraries an essential part of their 15-minute range.) Shortened commutes also have environmental implications, and cities like Barcelona have included similar schemes in their climate change initiatives.

But don’t be fooled, this isn’t just a “China” thing. 15-Minute Cities are already being planned in the United States — and in Florida, of all places.

As you can see, the U.S. propaganda media is taking cues from their commie cohorts in China and presenting these “prison cities” as a so-called much-needed “solution” to the problem of a growing population.