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Why is the right so fixated on converting black voters into conservatives? It’s like somebody set an invisible quota, and everyone’s scrambling to reach it. Honestly, it’s a futile endeavor. Sure, there are some black voters who align with the right when it comes to family values, Christianity, and limited government, but the truth is, most black voters are content with relying on Democratic government and all the goodies it provides, whether we agree with it or not. It’s hard to convince them otherwise, no matter how logical or factual the arguments may be. Many of these generational Dem voters have a “What can you do for me because I’m black” attitude that does not fit into an America First agenda.

Presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy learned that lesson the hard way when he made a sincere effort to persuade a group of Black voters in Chicago that they were actually natural conservatives.

It didn’t go so well for Vivek, who we believe was making a very sincere, yet sadly futile, effort.

Here’s some of the video:

The whole point of politics is to go to where the votes are, like Wayne Gretzky, who always went to where he knew the puck would be. While it is important for Republicans to have a message for black voters, as there are millions of black conservatives out there, the simple fact is there simply aren’t too many up-for-grab votes to be gleaned in the black communities. Roughly 50 percent of blacks are locked in for Democrats, and only 5 percent locked in for Republicans. Another 30 percent strongly lean Dem, which leaves only a minuscule 10 percent that might be persuaded to vote GOP, if they even bother to turnout.

The last mistake Republicans should be making is wasting too much time and effort catering to the tiny sliver of a percentage of potential Republican black voters when the vast majority of up-for-grabs voters consist of working-class and middle-class whites, and to a lesser extent Hispanics, in a small handful of swing states. President Trump made this mistake a little bit in 2020 by constantly focusing on “black unemployment” and the “Platinum Plus” giveaway.

Nothing against black Americans or black conservatives — it’s purely a numbers game.

The truth is that the tiny sliver of black conservative or Republican-leaning voters are more likely to be energized by a racially neutral, populist, America First, law and order message anyways — they don’t require any special racial pandering.

The right’s endless obsession with “flipping” black voters is almost as tiresome as their need to excessively idolize every black Republican candidate. Doing this plays right into the left’s demands for more “diversity,” rather than focusing on the qualifications of our candidates. Most people can see right through this sham and it weakens the party as a whole. There is no benefit to selecting subpar candidates, just because they’re black. The Republican party has always taken pride in selecting the most qualified candidates for nominations and positions of power. However, this new focus on “equality” has led to a situation where diversity is now prioritized over qualifications, and both the left and the right are to blame for it. Many conservatives seem more concerned with proving how not racist they are, rather than promoting the most qualified candidate for the job.

Let’s hope this serves as an awakening to the razor-sharp Vivek about the nature of American politics and makes him a more effective politician moving forwards.