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The regime is going to extraordinary lengths to take President Trump off of the political chessboard for 2024. In its latest desperate measure, Biden’s Department of Justice indicted President Trump on clearly trivial, politically contrived charges related to the former President’s handling of classified documents at his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

News of this second unprecedented indictment generated a firestorm of criticism from fair minded Americans. A recent bombshell letter by congressman Jim Jordan reveals another unlikely critic of the Mar-a-Lago raid that led to the indictment — none other than former head of the FBI’s Washington Field Office (WFO) Steven D’Antuono. Yes, THAT Steven D’Antuono, the stooge who oversaw the Michigan Kidnapping federal entrapment operation and was then hand-picked to head the Washington Field Office in the months leading up to and after January 6th. Faithful Revolver Readers will recall that D’Antuono was the public face of the FBI’s sham investigation related to the January 6th pipe bombs.

It certainly says something then that of all people, someone with such a cursed and disgraced resume such as D’Antuono would take the remarkable step of putting forth multiple objections to the FBI’s raid on Mar-a-Lago and do so for the public record.

D’Antuono’s objections, as stated to the Judiciary Committee, were as follows:

  1. The Miami Field Office did not conduct the search. The protocol in such matters is for the respective field offices to conduct the search and investigation in their jurisdiction. Mr. D’Antuono stated that he had “absolutely no idea” why this decision was made and questioned why the Miami Field Office was not taking the lead on this matter. Mr. D’Antuono stated that the FBI “learned a lot of stuff from [the] Crossfire Hurricane” investigation—notably “that the [FBI] Headquarters does not work the investigation, it is supposed to be the field offices working the investigations.” Mr. D’Antuono indicated that his “concern is that [the] DOJ was not following the same principles . . . .” In fact, as recently as May 2023, in response to the report of Special Counsel Durham, the FBI asserted that “investigations should be run out of the Field” and not from Washington, D.C.
  2. The Department did not assign a U.S. Attorney’s Office to the matter. Yet again, this unusual decision is a deviation from protocol. D’Antuono expressed that he “never got a good answer” for this deviation from protocol. According to Jordan’s letter: . 8 Mr. D’Antuono was told that the National Security Division would be handling this matter—with Jay Bratt, who leads the Department’s counterintelligence division, as “the lead prosecutor on the case.”  Mr. Bratt is the same Department lawyer who allegedly improperly pressured a lawyer representing an employee of President Trump. Mr. D’Antuono again noted his concern regarding lessons learned from Crossfire Hurricane, that the Justice Department was not following the principle that “Headquarters does not work the investigation . . . “

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3. The FBI did not first seek consent to effectuate the search. In the exact language of the Jordan letter, Mr. D’Antuono recounted a meeting between FBI and Department officials during which the Department assertively pushed for the FBI to promptly execute the search warrant.12 Based upon his over-20-year tenure at the FBI, Mr. D’Antuono testified that he believed that the FBI prior to resorting to a search warrant, should have sought consent to search the premises. He testified that this outcome would have been “the best thing for all parties” involved— “[f]or the FBI, for former President Trump, and for the country . . . .” Mr. D’Antuono indicated a belief that either you or Director Christopher Wray made the decision to seek a search warrant, despite opposition from the line agents working this case in the WFO. Following that meeting, Mr. D’Antuono described how Justice Department counterintelligence official George Toscas—who also reportedly worked on the “Crossfire Hurricane and Clinton email investigations”—told him that FBI agents were ready to execute the warrant.M r. D’Antuono pushed back on the Department for trying to unilaterally allocate FBI resources.

4. The FBI refused to wait for President Trump’s attorney to be present before executing the search. Mr. D’Antuono testified that the FBI sought to exclude President Trump’s attorney from the search, a move with which Mr. D’Antuono disagreed.

Full PDF from the House Judiciary Committee here.

As mentioned above, these objections are important in their own right and especially noteworthy coming from a former senior FBI official. That these comments are coming not from any former senior FBI official, but the key hatchet man selected by Christopher Wray to conduct the federal entrapment operation in the Michigan Kidnapping plot as well as the sham Fedsurrection pipe bomb hoax, is simply remarkable.

Revolver’s Darren Beattie has been on Steven D’Antuono’s case from the beginning:

Here Beattie calls out D’Antuono on Tucker:

The question immediately presents itself: why would such a hatchet man, so intimately involved with the most scandalous abuses of Trump and his followers by the FBI, all of a sudden come clean and publicly object to the Mar-a-Lago raid that was the basis for the expected indictments against Trump. At this point we can only speculate, but one possibility is that D’Antuono simply was in over his head in the types of nefarious operations he became involved with, and simply doesn’t have the mettle to carry some of those dark secrets with him. Perhaps he is rightfully worried that the DOJ and FBI’s complicity in the Jan. 6 Fedsurrection, as well as the Michigan Fednapping plot and now the efforts to indict Trump will catch up with him.

Whatever the reasons, we predict that we haven’t heard the last of Mr. D’Antuono.