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Danielle Smith, the current premier of Alberta in Canada, has done something remarkable. She took the bold and unprecedented step of apologizing to unvaccinated Canadians who’ve faced unfair treatment from the government throughout the “pandemic.” But Ms. Smith actually went beyond just issuing an apology, Danielle actually made a promise: anyone who was terminated from their job due to their refusal of the COVID-19 vaccine will be reinstated.

Wow. That’s not the type of humility you hear from politicians everyday, is it?

Comedian and conservative podcaster Jimmy Dore was actually blown away by this apology and covered it at length.

This apology and promise form Ms. Smith sends a powerful message to globalist elites: you were all wrong, and everybody knows it. Thanks to her humility, Danielle Smith has set a new standard in political leadership. Her acknowledgement of the horrors faced by the unvaccinated and her willingness to take responsibility for the government’s disgusting actions during the pandemic show she has the potential to be a good leader. However, the proof is in the pudding. The next time something like this happens — and you know it will — Danielle better be on the side of the people, not the government.