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When you think of Joe Biden, the image that pops into your head is not that of a powerful, determined leader who knows exactly what he’s doing. After all, Joe Biden unexpectedly went “off script” recently and made an absurd announcement about the U.S. is building an 8,000-mile-long train across the Indian Ocean.

This is not a mentally sharp man.

When thinking of who Joe Biden really is, most people conjure up an image of a frail, confused and henpecked old man who’s under the influence of a bunch of domineering women, starting with his wife. The women who surround Joe dictate his every move, words, and even his whereabouts, and he obediently complies so he “doesn’t get in trouble” — a line Joe repeats ad nauseam. If that’s the image that comes to mind, you’re absolutely right on the money. Biden is indeed surrounded and controlled by bossy women. We’ve all heard the stories about Jill Biden’s backstage demeanor. She’s domineering, exacting, and acts more like a director guiding an actor through a scene than a soft, gentle wife.

The New York Post:

First lady Jill Biden tore into White House staffers after they failed to cut off President Biden’s second solo press conference in January — when her husband kept taking questions even as then-press secretary Jen Psaki signaled to the president to wrap it up, according to a report.

President Biden was grilled at the Jan. 19 news conference about his handling of the COVID-19 pandemic, tensions between Washington and Moscow over Ukraine and the supply chain crisis that was causing a shortage of goods across the country.

Following the presser, which went on for about two hours, Jill Biden popped into a meeting of top White House officials who were rehashing the president’s performance, the New York Times reported.​

“She pointedly asked the group, which included the president, why nobody stepped in to stop it, according to a person who was in the room,” the outlet said. “Where was the person, she demanded, who was supposed to end the news conference?”

The Times report, describing how the first lady has become a favored surrogate for the president ahead of the midterm elections, noted that she has been protective of her husband and even took part in hiring White House staffers and press aides, including vetting Psaki alongside the president.

Make no mistake, Jill Biden is running the show. But she’s not the only dominatrix whipping Biden into shape. There’s another leather-bound lady who’s controlling the “Joe Show,” and her nickname is the “brawler-in-chief.” Her real name is Anita Dunn, and she’s the savagely controlling woman “bodyguard” who is guarding and guiding everything behind the scenes. As a matter of fact, Anita Dunn is the woman who came up with the cringeworthy “Dark Brandon” campaign that depicted Joe Biden as some strong, shadowy Batman-like comic book character in response to the humiliating “Let’s Go Brandon” meme that took the world by storm.

Dark Brandon' or How the Left Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Joe Biden's Alter Ego Let's Go Brandon


Anita Dunn saw an opportunity with “Dark Brandon.”

The liberal meme, created by Joe Biden’s most online fans as a play on the right-wing “Let’s Go Brandon” code bashing the president, depicts a grinning Biden with red lasers shooting out of his eyes. After Dunn, Biden’s top messaging and communications adviser, became aware of the meme, she brought it to the president – and they jumped on an opportunity to go on the offensive in the never-ending social media meme wars.

He’s nodded to Dark Brandon in official speeches, aides have shared the image on social media, and his 2024 campaign is selling $32 T-shirts emblazoned with his online alter-ego. While it’s a minor part of his repertoire, it shows how Dunn – a longtime Democratic operative and Biden confidante – has used her influence to engage in the kind of street brawling needed to combat perceptions of the aging president and the challenge ahead as he seeks a second term.

“It fits well with who she is, which is a f**k-sh*t-up-brawler. It’s not a coincidence that the stuff that came behind Dark Brandon was very much in line with Anita’s way of seeing the world,” Rob Flaherty, the White House’s director of digital strategy, told CNN.

“Dark Brandon” never caught on beyond left-wing Twitter circles, for obvious reasons. Joe isn’t “Batman,” he’s more like the Joker, and everybody knows it. But what’s really interesting is that Dominatrix Dunn has her long, bony fingers in every aspect associated with Biden, including the disastrous 2024 campaign, where a recent CNN poll showed that only 33 percent of Americans said that a Joe Biden second term would be “good” for America.

CNN spoke to more than a dozen current and former White House and administration officials, lawmakers and Democratic strategists – many of whom requested anonymity to speak freely – who paint a picture of Dunn as a deeply loyal aide with a big-picture view of Biden’s strategy – with a hand in nearly all aspects of his political life.

Her instincts for brawling are now directly intertwined with the president’s political fortunes, as she bolsters an already expansive role as a presidential adviser with steering 2024 messaging from the White House. For a president who relies on a very tight circle of trusted advisers, sources say Dunn has emerged as a powerful chief political communicator, a key strategist and someone who will fight on his behalf. She takes these responsibilities on with a combination of deep experience and Biden’s trust.

While sources both inside and outside the White House say no communicator is better prepared for the moment than Dunn, her messaging task ahead is massive: A high-profile candidate of Biden’s age has never run before, and the president is facing low approval ratings after two years in the White House, which could be a drag on his reelection campaign. With Biden widely expected to face a familiar, but powerful, foe in former President Donald Trump, the mission facing Biden’s advisers is to find a message that can resonate enough with voters to beat Trump again.

Arguably, Joe Biden’s administration is one of the most disorganized and ill-prepared in U.S. history. All it takes to prove that is a look at the daily press conferences to witness yet another disheveled woman, Karine Jean-Pierre, struggling through her daily responsibilities like a deer caught in headlights.

Ostensibly, Dunn’s White House role centers around messaging, political strategy, oversight and crisis communication on the key issues facing the White House.

“Like the rest of the senior staff, Anita works to act on the strategies and agenda President Biden assigns for her portfolio,” White House spokesman Andrew Bates said.

While Jill Biden is the day-to-day director, Anita Dunn is the producer of the disastrous “Joe Show.” She’s making all the decisions behind the scenes, and the end result that we see play out before our eyes everyday is Anita’s creation.

She’s in close touch with Cabinet secretaries, members of Congress, outside groups and prospective candidates. A former Hill aide, Dunn is keenly aware of congressional dynamics, but her work inside the Obama White House has shaped her views on how to approach the daily challenges confronting the president.

“She has this perch where she spans the overall strategic plan for (Biden) and for the White House, and also communicates outward with the political apparatus of the (Democratic National Committee) and the campaign and tries to keep the entire Joe Biden enterprise swimming in the same direction,” a White House aide said.

She’s also playing an active role in Biden’s reelection campaign strategy, with multiple sources familiar with the dynamic indicating she is spearheading 2024 political messaging from the White House and coordinating with senior campaign staff.

A former White House senior adviser put it more bluntly: When it comes to 2024, “she’s running everything.”

During a time when the leadership of women is being scrutinized due to questionable marketing and business decisions made by businesswomen at companies like Bud Light, Miller Lite, and Lucasfilm, Anita Dunn and the other women standing behind Joe with their domineering demeanor embody the stereotype of bossy, disconnected, and angry women who rule with emotions instead of sound judgment and good business savvy.

Thanks to a team of unhinged women, led by Anita Dunn, it looks like Joe Biden might end up being known as the “Bud Light” of politics.