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In a recent incident at a park in France, a deeply disturbing scene unfolded, leaving many shocked. A Syrian “refugee” went on a horrifying stabbing spree, attacking women and children with unbridled violence. This disgusting event serves as a somber reminder of the devastating consequences of unchecked “diversity”within our society. The indiscriminate slashing and stabbing of innocent mother’s and their children is a profoundly distressing act that strikes at the core of our humanity.

Euro News:

Police say the attacker was arrested, and his identity papers showed he’s a Syrian national who holds refugee status in Sweden.

At least six people, including four children, have been injured after a knife attack in the southeast French town of Annecy, near the border with Switzerland.

Two of the children and an adult have “life threatening injuries,” according to officials. One of the children is a British national.

Police arrested the attacker after shooting him in the legs near the scene of the attack.

Officials are still trying to “figure out” the motive. The man was not previously known to local authorities, but police say was born in Syria in 1991 and had been granted refugee status in Sweden, where he had lived for 10 years. He entered France legally, and lodged a second asylum application in November 2022.

What adds to the horror of this act is seeing all those young, seemingly fit French men acting like scared sissies, just standing by and watching the attack happen or running away in fear. This is what happens when you feminize the other half of society.



Sadly, these types of “loving refugees” have a history of being rather “stabby”:

The globalists call this type of “diversity” our strength. They believe that getting stabbed inside a peaceful park is “part and parcel” of living in their new globalist society.