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When it comes to LGBTQ and black Americans the USA is by far one of the least racist countries in the world. Gays and minorities are not only a protected class; they are treated like demigods and feted with month-long celebrations and festivities. Even businesses now hire you based on the dark color of your skin. Where else do you know of that is so non-racist that people like Jussie Smollett and countless others have to actually stage race hoaxes to make it seem as if we’re some KKK cesspool?

The fact of the matter is this: you’re not the “downtrodden group” if the entire media, political apparatus, and all US corporations are in your corner. The same cannot be said for white people these days. Whites are constantly demonized by the media and the political apparatus. Qualified white workers are routinely passed over for jobs simply because of the color of their skin. Black privilege has taken over the country, and instead of creating a societal “balance” when it comes to race relations, the radicalized left wants to eliminate the white race altogether.

NJ 1015:

Rutgers Professor Brittney Cooper branded white people as “villains,” cheered lower birth rates among whites and predicted their time was coming to an end.

Cooper is a professor of African and women’s and gender studies. She was appearing on an online conference titled “Unpacking The Attacks On Critical Race Theory” hosted by The Root Institute’s Michael Harriot.

She argued “white people are committed to being villains in the aggregate,” fear losing power and will fight to keep it. The professor termed whiteness an “inconvenient interruption” in history.

There are numerous other instances of such blatant racism and hatred that are unfortunately promoted within academia, media, business, and politics. And now, it’s seeped into our justice system. Recently, the Marine Subway Hero, Daniel Penny, was arrested after he saved a train full of people from a crazed, mentally ill homeless man. He was held on a $100k bond. In another “Subway Hero” incident, a brave young man by the name of Jordan Williams stabbed an ex-con who was attacking his girlfriend on the subway. Mr. Williams was also arrested, but was released with zero bond.

Spot the difference between the two men?

Here’s a closeup of the headlines:



Both of these men are heroes, and it is a miscarriage of justice that either was arrested for protecting innocent people from dangerous thugs. We support both of them equally. However, it’s unfortunate that the U.S. justice system, which ideally should be “blind,” fails to treat them equally due to the color of their skin. One man is vilified by the media, while the other is handled with care, and his situation is described as “emotional.”

While America trips over itself to offer support to blacks, other minorities, and protected groups; these days, if you’re a white male, God help you, because everyone’s out to get you.