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This is one of those story titles that makes you go, “Is this for real?” But then you actually open it up and realize it’s true, leaving you wondering what on earth is going on in our messed up progressive clown world.

It seems that the South African government is not satisfied with merely seizing land from white farmers; they have now weaponized water, using it as a tool of hatred and division by introducing race quotas on something that is a cornerstone of life.

Here’s a closeup look at the proposed legislation — you’ll notice some buzzwords that are eerily similar to what we hear come out of this regime on a daily basis:



Twitter attached a “community note” to the tweet above, saying that the race quotas haven’t been implemented yet, but they’re in the process of doing so. As if that somehow makes this craziness more acceptable.


Newly-drafted regulations in South Africa are sparking anger over water usage for white people. The nation continues to grapple with the idea of race quota politics aimed at addressing the inequalities caused by apartheid.

Last month, the ruling African National Congress (ANC) government published draft regulations that would implement race quotas for the allocation of water use licenses for businesses.

The proposal requires all applicants for consumptive water use—where water is removed from available supplies without return to a resource system—to allocate shares to Black people based on the size of land. Business owners wanting more water usage would need to have a higher share of Black ownership.

Apparently, dehydrating white people and destroying their farms will serve as retribution for the past Apartheid government. This is radical liberal logic at it’s very ugliest and most dangerous, and it’s the exact same logic the American regime uses inside our own borders.

The move has been seen as part of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s push to redress South Africa’s historical racial injustices. In April, Ramaphosa signed the new Employment Equity Amendment Act into law—an amendment to a 1998 act with new measures to promote diversity and equity in the workplace, including race quotas for 18 economic sectors.

The opposition party is obviously pushing back on this act of genocide.

On Thursday, opposition leader John Steenhuisen of the Democratic Alliance (DA) slammed the proposal targeting water use, saying, “It is now beyond all doubt that the ANC, led by Cyril Ramaphosa, is reintroducing racial discrimination across all sectors of society on a scale not seen since 1994.”

It’s twisted and disturbing to think you can somehow fix a “racist past” by implementing idiocratic policies against a specific group of highly successful people just because of their race. When you reach that stage, it’s worth pausing and questioning whether you can still consider yourselves the “good guys” in all of this.

However, the left refuses to do that. They will simply keep pushing ahead with their racist agenda, completely ignoring the fact that they are no different from the historical figures they label as monsters. And South Africa will one day soon have no more agriculture and no clean water to speak of.