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Tucker Carlson’s biographer, Chadwick Moore, has become something of a spokesperson for Tucker, and he’s spilling all the juicy details about what’s happening behind the scenes. According to Chadwick, Twitter is gearing up to release its own version of “YouTube,” and Tucker will be the one taking it for a spin as the test driver of this new platform.

Chadwick appeared on OANN where he detailed this exciting new project.

This move isn’t really a surprise, since Elon has been talking about long-form videos since he first purchased Twitter. What’s really needed is an easier interface, like the YouTube app, and native video apps so you can easily watch Twitter videos on your television.

Inside Hook:

Looks like the CIA had a little chat with YouTube. During a podcast with Mike Tyson, Robert F. Kennedy Jr. talked about how the CIA killed his father. YouTube has now deleted the video. The elites don’t want you to watch this.

Elon is positioning Twitter as a direct rival not just to YouTube, but also to the mainstream media. This couldn’t have happened at a better time, since YouTube recently took down an interview with Robert Kennedy Jr., in which he made allegations about the CIA being responsible for his father’s assassination.

Tucker’s first Twitter video, posted last night, went megaviral and is up to 72.1 million views.

If Elon and Tucker can pull off the successful launch of this new platform, it will revolutionize the media landscape in an incredibly positive way, and may finally put an end to the regime’s propaganda machine.