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You can tell a group is hitting its mark, being effective, and getting it right when the left begins to ferociously target them. We at Revolver know how that goes — we’re always in the crosshairs of Soros-backed groups. That’s precisely what’s happening to Moms for Liberty at the moment. They’re a group of concerned moms who are fighting to keep our nation’s kids safe from the groomers, abusers, and predators on the left. At the moment, they’re getting harassed and targeted big time, and labeled  “Hitler sympathizers,” “fascists,” and “racists,” you know, the usual…

Left-wing banshees scream and yell like mental patients, yet, somehow we’re called the “crazy” ones. Go figure.

However, it’s worse than just name-calling. As usual, the unhinged left gets violent and wants to murder anybody who disagrees with them. Members of the Moms for Liberty have now been doxxed and are receiving death threats.

Washington Examiner:

Liberals, Democrats, legacy media, and others on the Left have frequently vilified and demonized Moms for Liberty, a parents’ rights group, mainly because the Moms actively reject radical left-wing political dogma. With the organization’s summit set to begin in Philadelphia today, the mothers have been branded everything from racists to neo-Nazis and branded a “threat to democracy” in the Left’s propaganda campaign against them.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Now, the Left seemingly has resorted to physical violence and intimidation to advance the anti-Moms agenda.

Members of Moms for Liberty have reportedly experienced physical threats and doxxing, as the people who claim to want to protect democracy actively try to intimidate and suppress the rights of mothers attending this week’s summit in Philadelphia. Kit Hart, chairwoman of the Carroll County, Maryland, Moms for Liberty chapter, was seemingly threatened when an account on Twitter insulted her appearance, said she was like a “walking candy apple,” and then published her address followed by the words “wanna play” in a tweet.

“We are very blessed to live in a country with freedom of speech. People can say whatever they want, but of course, that doesn’t make it true,” Hart told me. “I used to get upset by the comments people made to or about me, but I’ve learned from so many others who have been vilified to let it roll right off my back. I no longer get offended by people from whom I would never take advice. Our detractors understand that we are making massive headway, and so they’ll say whatever they think will intimidate or dissuade us.”

Additionally, Moms for Liberty co-founder Tiffany Justice was treated to the following threat:

“Your whole f***ing inbred family needs to be f***ing shot, f***ing NAZIS,” the message read. “Can’t wait for someone to unalive you and your f***ing kids.”

Sadly, RKF Jr., who himself is a regular target of the left with these same underhanded tactics, took the bait and went after Moms for Liberty, even after he had agreed to attend their conference. Mr. Kennedy canceled his appearance and then proceeded to throw the group under the bus and backed over them a few times for good measure. Needless to say, Moms for Liberty is livid and they are now throwing around words like “lying” and “defamation.”

Here’s what anti-transgender activist Billboard Chris had to say in a scathing tweet:

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is lying through his teeth.

In this video clip, he denies knowledge of his involvement in accepting an invite to the Moms for Liberty summit, and blames it on a female staffer.

@RobertKennedyJr spoke on the phone with Moms for Liberty co-founder @4TiffanyJustice about his attendance.

His campaign manager, Dennis Kucinich, spoke with her about it twice.

Emails from his team were sent. His campaign sent a picture of RFK Jr. for Moms for Liberty to use in their promotion.

Furthermore, the questioner in this video is also lying. Moms for Liberty does not want to stop gay marriage. This is an outrageous lie, yet RFK Jr. responds by saying “When I found out that was their position, I declined to go.”

This is pure and simple defamation. Moms for Liberty has never said a thing about taking away gay rights.

A senior member of @Moms4Liberty ’s national team is a lesbian.

Jaimee Michell, founder of Gays Against Groomers, is speaking at their summit.

This is yet another despicable attempt to smear an amazing group of mothers who are fighting to stop the indoctrination and harm of our children.

RFK Jr. owes Moms for Liberty a public apology.

If RFK Jr. can’t hold his ground against NewsNation or the radical trans mob, how’s he going to tackle the  powerhouses in our government, like the CIA, FBI, and NSA? Given his recent actions regarding Moms For Liberty and his remarks on the latest Supreme Court rulings, backing affirmative action, these concerns seem justified. But let’s not forget, he is a Democrat, so it shouldn’t come as a surprise.

The truth of the matter is that nobody actually believes RFK Jr. has any shot at beating Biden. But just by being Biden’s worst nightmare on issues like vaccines, Covid, free speech, and the war in Ukraine, he is at least serving a useful purpose in our political system. So we’ll keep cheering on RFK Jr. despite the flaws. After all, you can’t agree with everybody on everything.