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Revolver is delighted to announce that despite Soros’ best efforts to silence us, our email system is fully operational. Yes, after a year of relentless hard work and perseverance, Revolver has triumphantly outmaneuvered the “Soros Machine.”

Revolver’s very own Darren Beattie shed light on our ongoing battle with the Soros machine during his latest appearance on Kimberly Guilfoyle’s popular podcast (full interview here). Darren delved into the relentless attempts by Soros’ soldiers to silence Revolver. Soros’ horrifying bed wenches truly turned shutting down Revolver it into an obsession and a mission, which in turn only strengthened our resolve.

This is exactly why we say we couldn’t fight this battle without you — our treasured readers, subscribers, and donors. By reading, sharing, donating, and subscribing, you’ve contributed significantly to our campaign against the left, perhaps more than you even realize. And as an added perk, your support to keep us going is driving these commies up the wall.

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