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It’s not just the Democrats who are celebrating our nation’s descent into a communist abyss. The politicians who are supposed to be on “our side” are also joining in the celebration, but deep down, they’re also terrified. They fear that Jack Smith, the progressive “special counsel” aiming to bring down Trump, might fail, and Trump will emerge from this nightmare unharmed and even more popular than before.

The people we’ve elected are openly and actively working against us.

Raw Story:

Even as some Democrats are cheering this latest pending Trump indictment, some more moderate Republicans fear the former president will ride his mounting legal troubles back into the White House next year.

“I’m waiting for the smoke to clear, but in the short term, in the context of the Republican Party, this probably strengthens Trump, because they feel he’s being picked on,” former Rep. Tom Davis (R-VA) told Raw Story in an exclusive interview Thursday evening. “There are a group of Americans who are going to feel this is a double standard.”

We don’t “feel” it’s a double standard, we know it is, Mr. Davis.

Davis has history on his side. This spring, Trump saw his poll numbers shoot up after Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg dropped 34 felony counts on the former president for his alleged hush money payments to porn star Stormy Daniels.

Even after Trump was found liable in May for sexually abusing writer E. Jean Carroll – as the GOP presidential primary field kept expanding — Trump’s popularity amongst his GOP base has remained historically strong.

The stakes couldn’t be higher for special counsel Jack Smith.

“You better get this right. You’re in a new area here,” Davis said. “I just have this uneasy feeling, at a time when you’re trying to keep people together and bring the country together to maybe have this guy ride into the sunset due to being prosecuted.”

Davis is your typical establishment RINO who believes he knows what’s best for you and the party, more than you do. He thinks you’re too stupid to see that Trump is “literally Hitler,” so he and his GOP cohorts are helping the communist left in their mission to take him down, all under the guise of it being for the greater good in the long term. That’s the story they tell themselves so they can sleep at night.

Optics matter now more than ever, especially with a former president who made a name for himself on “reality” TV. That’s why Davis and others are hoping the case is tried in Florida, far away from the Beltway and all its baggage.

Don’t be fooled, the RINOs are even more dangerous to our cause than the Dems. With the Dems, at least we have an idea of what to expect, but many of these RINOs hide their true colors until they’re pushed to the edge. They operate against us in secret, from within. They’re the ultimate traitors and must be kicked out of the GOP.