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A Hispanic New York City woman was arrested and charged with a hate crime for confronting a hulking transvestite male who was using the female employee bathroom to shower. The woman, a long-time, trusted employee, is now facing the total and complete annihilation of her life simply because she didn’t want to share a bathroom with a gigantic man.

Daily Mail:

A video captured the moment a New York City MTA worker slapped the phone out of a trans bus driver’s hand for recording her in the women’s locker room after telling her to use the men’s instead.

Nana Mangual, who identifies as female but was born biologically male, videoed the alleged assault as she addressed fellow driver, Sonia Rivera, who had been shouting at her through the door of a bathroom stall while on shift at a Bronx bus depot.

It’s disturbing to watch how the left is diminishing and disrespecting women so that cross-dressing men can live out their fantasies in public.

Mangual claims Rivera berated her for listening to music in the shower before telling her she was in the wrong changing room. Mangual then filmed Rivera – who appeared to be adjusting her pants in the mirror before she realized she was on camera – slapping the phone from Mangual’s hand.

PTSD, huh? This guy seems like a real pro at running scams, and now he’s planning to take advantage of the twisted and “woke” US judicial system to make a fortune.

Mangual says she has been unable to return to work since the alleged assault claiming how she suffers from PTSD following the altercation. She is also accusing the MTA of trying to fire her from her position and refusing to approve workers compensation leave.

The poor woman has been hit with a hate crime charges and was promptly arrested following the incident — all because she didn’t want to share a bathroom with a burly man.

The left is walking a very thin line right now, as recent polling shows that decent people don’t support men in women’s bathrooms.

Daily Mail:

Fewer than one in three people believe trans women should be allowed in female changing rooms, a poll has found.

And less than a quarter think that transgender athletes ought to be permitted to compete in women’s sports.

The research, published today by the Sex Matters campaign group, shines a light on public attitudes ahead of a parliamentary debate on protecting single-sex spaces.

The transgender movement is toxic, divisive, and violent. Women are getting hurt.


A male who identifies as transgender reportedly injured a female player while participating in a women’s league in New South Wales, Australia.

The incident took place on May 21 during a game between the Inter Lions and the St. George football clubs at the Majors Bay Reserve. Reduxx was provided footage of the match, showing the transgender player launch his smaller female opponent towards a metal fence using an aggressive tackle as the two chased down the ball.

The female player is seen laying on her side, unmoving, as the transgender player casually walks away.

People all over the world are soundly rejecting this mental illness, but the left just keeps pushing shoving it down everyone’s gullet and is ruining women’s lives in the process.