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Thanks to the whole COVID-19 fiasco, there’s been a ton of chatter about vaccines once again. Many folks who didn’t really care one way or another a couple of years ago are now all fired up about it. Things got especially intense when officials started telling parents that they had to Covid vaccinate their kids or they wouldn’t be allowed in school. For many parents, this was the first time they had to consider giving their child a brand-new vaccine, straight out of the factory, and it was pretty darn scary. As a result, a whole bunch of people started digging deeper into the “vaccines” thing in general.

One person who joined the vaccine discussion is Dr. Paul Thomas, who recently presented data comparing the overall health and well-being of vaccinated and unvaccinated children over a long period of time spanning at least a decade. And just to clarify, we’re not only discussing COVID here; it’s a broader conversation about childhood vaccinations, which are also necessary for school entry.

It turns out the vaccinated kids had a heck of a lot more problems than the unvaccinated ones.

Dr. Paul Thomas Shows Powerful Data on the Overall Health of Vaxxed vs Unvaxxed Children

“The data spoke for itself. Over 10.5 years the more vaccines you had, the worse you were. So whether we looked at infection, ADD/ADHD, neurodevelopment issues, eczema, allergies…[it] skyrockets in the vaccinated when compared to the unvaccinated.”

Speaking of vaccines, WHO is now announcing “digital vaccine cards” that will be required in order to participate in society.

Even Joe Rogan is starting to get skeptical on the polio vaccine.

It might be a tough sell because COVID-19 booster shots have seen a significant decline in popularity. People realized they didn’t work, and there were concerns about seemingly healthy individuals experiencing adverse effects, like suddenly dropping dead. However, never underestimate the influence of global elites and their connections in the media. They can easily create another frenzy to promote more vaccinations. What a scary reality that is.