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NBC News is in big time damage control mode at the moment. Their “journalist,” Tyler Kingkade has ducked for cover by locking his Twitter account. This move comes after his article for NBC blaming conservatives for the creepy chant of “we’re coming for your kids” at an LGBTQ+ pride event.

Many members of the public are furious and calling Kingkade’s piece a ludicrous attempt to shield the LGBTQ+ community from criticism.

This is what Tyler’s Twitter account looks like right now:

Tyler’s piece suggests that it’s you who’s to blame for these creeps chanting about targeting your kids. He spins it to make them out as the real victims.

NBC News:

The “coming for your children” chant has been used for years at Pride events, according to longtime march attendees and gay rights activists, who said it’s one of many provocative expressions used to regain control of slurs against LGBTQ people. And in this case, they said, right-wing activists are jumping on a single video to weaponize an out-of-context remark to further stigmatize the queer community.

Uh-huh. Kingkade then interviews a hardcore gay activist to get his hot take on the situation. Apparently, they chant naughty things all the time! No big deal!

NBC News:

To conservative pundits, activists and lawmakers, the video confirmed the allegations they’ve levied in recent years that the LGBTQ community is “grooming” children.

But to Brian Griffin, the original organizer of the NYC Drag March, if that’s the worst they heard, it’s only because he wasn’t there this year.

Griffin said he chanted obscene things in the past, like “Kill, kill, kill, we’re coming to kill the mayor,” and joked about pubic hair and sex toys during marches. People at the Drag March regularly sing “God is a lesbian.”

“It’s all just words,” Griffin said. “It’s all presented to fulfill their worst stereotypes of us.”

Apparently a confession that they also chant blasphemy and other obscenities absolves them and makes them akshually just upstanding citizens — just like you and I. Hey, remember when the big LGBTQ talking point was that they just wanted the freedom to do indulge in perverted fetishes in the privacy of their own bedrooms?

According to Kingkade, it’s the LGBTQ that are the victims of Republican backlash.

NBC News:

Conservative politicians and pundits have increasingly referred to advocates for LGBTQ rights as “groomers,” associating people who oppose laws that restrict drag performances or classroom discussions of gender identity with pedophiles. The charge is an echo of a decades-old trope anti-gay activists have used to paint the community as a threat to the country’s youths, an allegation that some advocates say endangers LGBTQ people. And the intense reaction to the video has scared some attendees, who insist the quip has been taken out of context.

“It’s really scary to us,” said Fussy Lo Mein, a drag performer and activist who was at this year’s march and declined to give their real name because of safety concerns. “It doesn’t represent everybody — it represents that individual. I thought it was a dumb idea, and I started chanting on top of it with alternate verses.”

So when the LGBTQ warns that they’re coming for your kids, you’re a paranoid bigot if you believe them, right? Trust this guy, America. He’ll never lie to you:

Tyler appears to be yet another hardcore LGBTQ activist masquerading as a mainstream media unbiased “reporter.” His biography states that “Tyler Kingkade is an award-winning journalist based in Los Angeles, known primarily for his coverage of abusive treatment of young people, culture war fights, sexual assault and harassment cases, extremism, and reporting on vulnerable populations.” He has posted tweets in the past like this one, stating:

Conservatives took control of a school board in a small mountain town within a heavily GOP county

I spoke to lifelong Republicans and conservative Christians who are furious over what the board has done since

A Revolver story uncovered similar shenanigans — activists masquerading as journalists — at the supposedly unbiased Associated Press. That report is entitled, “AP’s ham-handed Soviet-style tranny propaganda should make you blush…” You can read it here.

The thing about hiring subversive activists as journalists is they eventually can’t help themselves and go mask-off. For some reason, we don’t suspect that AP and NBC News are conversely hiring hardcore MAGA movement activists or DeSantis supporters to report on the Republican primary. But when it comes to topics like Agribusiness or Big Pharma or LGBTQ, it’s often the fox that’s guarding the henhouse. And we certainly don’t expect AP or NBC News to clean house and purge the liberal activists in their midst — they hired these people for a reason. They want you fat, sedated, and gay.

Just another day in the Longhouse.