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There is a very disturbing story coming out of South Dakota. It’s one of the most important stories in America, yet, the media is completely silent. The story involves a farmer named Jared Bossly and a “green” company called “Summit Carbon Solutions” that’s trying to confiscate Mr. Bossly’s family farm by using eminent domain — the right of a government or its agent to expropriate private property for public use. The green group wants to confiscate Mr. Bossly’s farm in order to construct a carbon capture pipeline on his land.

To make matters worse, Summit Carbon Solutions is very politically connected. Conservative pundit Greg Price shared this tidbit on Twitter.

To give you an idea of Summit Carbon’s connections to the GOP:

Their senior adviser is former six term Iowa Governor Terry Branstad. He’s a kingpin in Iowa and his support is crucial to political success in the state.

Former SD GOP State Chair Dan Lederman is a senior adviser for LS2group, a public relations firm working with Summit Carbon Solutions.

Oh yeah, and they were also a platinum sponsor of Gov. Kristi Noem’s inauguration back in January.

Everything came to a head when unauthorized surveyors entered his property without his consent and then falsely accused him of making threats against them, even though their interaction lasted only six seconds on a speaker phone call. Subsequently, the company sought a contempt of court charge, intending to restrict Mr. Bossly’s access to his own property when the surveyors returned.

Here’s what Greg said in his bombshell tweet:

What I am about to tell you should be the most important story in America but no national media is talking about it. Read this entire tweet.

One of the biggest invasions of property rights in American history is currently happening in South Dakota to expand green energy.

This is footage that was shared with me by a South Dakota farmer named Jared Bossly, whose farm has been in his family for four generations.

Bossly is one of over 80 SD landowners currently facing eminent domain lawsuits from a company called Summit Carbon Solutions who wants to seize their property and use it to build a carbon capture pipeline that will transport CO2 emissions from Iowa to North Dakota to be stored underground.

The men in the video are surveyors from Summit. They entered his home and shop before going on his farm to survey the land all without permission while only his wife was home. They later falsely accused him of threatening to kill them (he talked to them for 6 seconds on speaker phone about how the sheriff should be there while they do it) and are taking him to court to get a restraining order so he can’t be on his property when they come back. His hearing is tomorrow.

Bossly tells me surveyors from the company have shown up to SD farms without permission, some with armed security guards like something straight out of Blazing Saddles, and have threatened the landowners who haven’t agreed to give up their property.

The Republican leadership in South Dakota has also abandoned them. In the last legislative session, bills to protect landowners from eminent domain from Summit failed. Gov. Kristi Norm has done nothing. Why? Because Summit has connections to massive GOP donors.

They are also bankrolled by large investments, some of which are foreign, as well as benefit from massive federal tax credits for carbon capture expanded by Joe Biden’s “Inflation Reduction Act.”

Meanwhile, South Dakotans whose farms have been in their families for generations, who have put their blood sweat and tears into their land, are now facing them being seized and ruined for the green energy grift. Their elected leaders have abandoned them and no one outside local media is talking about it.

I’ll soon be publishing a full story on this on my Substack with all the details.

Greg, who was immediately hooked by the story as soon as he heard about it, actually had a conversation with Jared Bossly after the incident took place.

When I spoke at length to Jared Bossly on the phone. I could feel the pain in his voice as he told me his story. He told me how he wants to preserve his farm so his kids can enjoy that way he and his family before did.

He told me about how every spare penny they own goes into their farm to do the right things for their land.

He also told me how he plants trees all over his farm to serve as a windbreak for his herd of cattle, but Summit will have to bulldoze the panted trees to build the pipeline for carbon capture from ethanol plants in Iowa.

Seems like he’s doing more for the environment than they are.

While most people watched from the sidelines as Mr. Bossly faced the bulldozing from the ‘Green Army,’ there’s a group of Republicans who are actually standing up against it. The South Dakota Freedom Caucus is leading the charge and recently shared a compelling story titled “Stop the Steal.”

Thankfully, this story has a happy ending — sort of. Jared Bossly won his court case.

Dakota News Now:

A Brown County landowner facing Summit Carbon Solutions in court was found not to be in contempt of court, but says he still feels defeated.

Jared Bossly received the ruling from Judge Richard Sommers Wednesday afternoon in the Brown County Courthouse. The charge was brought forth at the request of Summit Carbon Solutions.

Bossly was accused of threatening the lives of Summit Carbon Solutions surveyors.

Here’s what Greg said in a follow up tweet:

I have great news: Jared Bossly, the South Dakota farmer I tweeted about yesterday, WON his court case today.

A company called Summit Carbon Solutions is filing an eminent domain lawsuit against him to build a carbon capture pipeline on his property. Surveyors came onto his property without permission and they falsely accused him of threatening to kill them (he spoke to them for 6 seconds on speaker phone).

They then filed for a contempt of court charge that would have prevented him from being on his property when the surveyors come back but the judge ruled against them today.

Here’s a picture of him in court with over 50 landowners who showed up in solidarity.

But don’t breathe a sigh of relief just yet.

This is a war, and as you probably know by now, the left never backs down. So farmers like Bossly can expect to encounter more of this “green communist” behavior in the future, and it won’t be limited to South Dakota alone. The left’s communist influence extends far and wide.