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It’s tough to beat Mitt Romney when it comes to making nasty, divisive, establishment statements. He’s probably the master at delivering them, but his recent comment on Trump’s indictment might just be his most impressive/disturbing one yet.

When questioned about the election interference cleverly disguised as sham “indictment,” Mitt Romney not only toed the establishment line, but took it to another level. He hoisted it high above his head and sprinted a whopping 800 miles with it. Reporter Rogan O’Handley shared the statement on his Twitter account, where Mitt was instantly, and rather brutally, ripped to shreds.


It’s quite interesting to see Mitt putting the Democratic Party and their communist-style tactics above the best interests of the country. Typic. This behavior is a classic example of Stage 5 TDS and shows how it can completely destroy someone’s ability to function like a normal human being.

Conservatives absolutely loathe Mitt Romney, and for good reason. He’s earned every bit of it, so it was not surprising to see a chorus of boos and jeers in the comments section. Here’s a sample of what folks are saying about Mitt’s comments:

“Mitt Romney is literally a dildo. ”

“So, Mitt Romney seems to fully understand why so many voters can’t stand his brand of dad jeans Republican and voted for Trump. And will continue to.”

“Utah, for the love of everything holy, please, get rid of this POS once and for all.”

“Romney supports the persecution of Trump because he, himself, is in neck deep with Ukraine and Burisma. Romney’s former top aid, Joseph Cofer Black, was named to Burisma’s Board of Directors, along with Hunter Biden. ”

“He will not be representing Utah much longer.”

“Basically what Romney said: Trump, like all Americans, should be afforded the presumption of innocence. But it’s his fault he’s guilty.”

“It’d be hard to say how little I value Romney’s opinion.”

“Outrageous but expected reaction from RINO central. Ashamed I donated to this guys 2012 presidential election campaign.”

“This tells us that the GOP is in coordination with the Dems to take out Trump. Take over your local and state GOP, be a delegate. It’s war”

On a side note, Mayor Trent Staggs is one of the Utah Republicans who is trying to boot this globalist RINO out of the US Senate, once and for all.

Check him out.