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Hollywood is struggling big time in the age of wokeness. It’s a real challenge for them to juggle the intense pressure for diversity with the demand for captivating entertainment; as these two aspects don’t align. When Hollywood isn’t ruining old franchises like Indiana Jones with new, cringeworthy “girl power” remakes, they’re peddling LGBTQ+ flops that nobody wants to see.

And if you thought movies were cruddy now, they’re about to get a helluva of a lot worse, thanks to the new Oscar quotas that kick in early next year. Moving forward, the only way a film will be considered for the “best picture” category is if meets strict “diversity” quotas.

Many insiders are fuming over the quotas. Talk about stifling creativity, right? Movies will no longer be made to tell a captivating story. They’ll be made to meet diversity quotas. If you listen closely, you can actually hear the box office numbers dropping.

The New York Post:

Starting with the March 2024 awards, movies will not be considered for a Best Picture nomination unless they meet two out of four standards.

One of them is featuring a lead or significant supporting character from an “underrepresented racial or ethnic group,” have a main storyline that focuses on an underrepresented group, or at least 30% of the cast comes from two or more underrepresented groups (women, ethnic minorities, LGBTQ or the disabled).

A full outline of the standards can be found on the Academy site.

Richard Hanania, the president of the CSPI center, wrote a fascinating blog post on this exact issue. He delved into the challenges that Hollywood is grappling with as they navigate this politically correct minefield of their own making.

Richard Hanania:

New stories need to avoid what are now seen as sexist tropes. Old ones, however, get grandfathered in. You don’t have to explain why The Lion King isn’t The Lion Queen. You can still make Spiderman movies, and you don’t have to justify why the lead is not a black lesbian. Or why a movie is called “X-Men” instead of “X-Persons.” There’s a subtle difference between the two titles. Think about what it means to say someone is a “good man” versus a “good person.” In the 1960s, you were free to choose either title, while today you would not only need new X-Men characters, but the name of the universe itself would have to pass a PC litmus test.

And despite what the media will likely say, this isn’t just an issue conservatives are angry about.


I don’t think that wokeness has strangled art only for conservatives. Liberals deep down understand all of this, which is why they agree that art is in decline, after having praised non-woke shows from the recent past like Breaking Bad and The Sopranos. Neither side, however, is able and willing to articulate what is going on. When conservatives complain about woke art, it doesn’t go beyond demanding that producers stick to the original material, meaning the book a show or movie is based on or the reality of the universe created in a previous work. They don’t explicitly say why you can’t just sprinkle in black women everywhere and expect everything else to be the same. Liberals are supposed to like this stuff, but don’t understand why they don’t, and focus their energy on the backlash to the backlash, attacking conservative bigots for fixating on such supposedly small matters.

While numerous Hollywood insiders are choosing to remain “anonymous” while expressing how they feel about the new quotas, Richard Dreyfuss is an exception. He has openly shared his thoughts on the matter, stating that the new rules make him physically sick.

The New York Post:

It’s got some voting members of the Academy up in arms.

“It’s completely ridiculous,” one director fumed to The Post. “I’m for diversity, but to make you cast certain types of people if you want to get nominated? That makes the whole process contrived. The person who is right for the part should get the part. Why should you be limited in your choices? But it’s the world we’re in. This is crazy.”

Richard Dreyfuss certainly agrees.

In discussing the new standards of inclusion with “The Firing Line” on PBS last month, the veteran actor blasted the rules: “They make me vomit.”

Describing movies as “an art form” and “a form of commerce,” the “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” actor continued, “No one should be telling me as an artist that I have to give in to the latest, most current idea of what morality is.”

An industry insider related to The Post, “Their goal is not to disqualify any films, but rather to celebrate and encourage progress towards greater representation and inclusion in the industry.”

One of Hollywood’s biggest producers told The Post that very few people in the industry favor the new rules — but, unlike Dreyfuss, they don’t speak out for fear of cancel culture.

So, instead of taking a stand and speaking out, these cowards will remain silent while the entire industry crumbles due to fake virtue and twisted social justice. This will mark the demise of Hollywood as we currently know it, and ironically, it seems like a fitting conclusion — a downfall attributed to excessive “wokeness.” Good riddance.