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President Trump faces an indictment of 37 counts under the “Espionage Act” for the alleged classified documents scandal. This action by the Biden administration is morally reprehensible and unjust, not only towards President Trump but also towards the American people. Here we have an unpopular and unscrupulous politician, who struggles to gain support for his re-election within his own party, attempting to imprison his popular and beloved opponent for the 2024 election. It’s a blatant display of election interference and sends a disheartening message to the American people that their votes truly don’t matter. If it’s not sketchy mail-in ballots canceling their votes, it’s our politicians. The charges against Trump are very serious, and even a conviction on a single count could result in a life sentence. This is not a joke — the regime is trying to completely eliminate President Trump. We are currently engaged in a moral and spiritual battle with forces that are demonic. However, amidst all this darkness, there is a ray of hope emerging from an individual with a great deal of legal expertise. According to Mike Davis, the former law clerk for Neil Gorsuch, the language within the Presidential Records Act could potentially serve as Trump’s salvation.

Here’s what Mike had to say in his tweet:

The angry responses from the “nonpartisan” (Democrat or Trump-deranged) “national-security experts” (hacks) is comical.

The hacks desperately want to throw Trump in prison for the rest of his life.

Because they hate him.

And fear he will win back the White House in November 2024.

The hacks are intentionally ignoring the plain language of the Presidential Records Act.

Regardless of whether a President considers his records “personal” (which he owns; see Clinton sock drawer case) or “presidential records” (which the government owns), the President can have his presidential records.

“[T]he Presidential records of a former President shall be available to such former President or the former President’s designated representative.” 44 U.S.C. § 2205(3).

That statute trumps any press release from librarians or other bureaucrats–or any tweet from the hacks.

It doesn’t matter whether his presidential records are national-defense information or marked classified.

That is why Congress funds the Office of the Former President, with secure office space, staff with clearances, and Secret Services protection.

Former presidents don’t get to access any classified or national-defense information they want.

But they have an absolute statutory right to access their presidential records, even if the government owns them.

And former presidents can share their presidential records with their designated representatives.

The hacks pretend to believe a former President of the United States (somehow) commits “espionage”–and should die in prison–for simply retaining copies of his personal or presidential records.

And fighting with librarians and other bureaucrats over them. (Gasp, “obstruction.”)

Even if they are declassified.

Even if there is zero evidence the former President used them to harm America.

This is an absurd legal argument.

Presidents and Former Presidents are treated differently than everyone else as it relates to their presidential records (regardless of ownership).

The hacks are ignoring the Presidential Records Act, which doesn’t even have a criminal component.

And peddling an unconstitutional reading of the Espionage Act.

The remedy is negotiations and civil lawsuits, not raids and indictments.

But Jack Smith is used to getting reversed by the Supreme Court, with his absurd legal arguments.

Indeed, he managed the nearly impossible:

Getting a unanimous Supreme Court to reverse his (bogus) conviction of Virginia Governor Bob McDonnell and likely 2016 Republican presidential candidate.

But the damage was already done. Jack Smith took out a Republican presidential candidate in 2016. Mission accomplished, Jack.

Biden and Garland have Jack Smith on his new mission in 2024: take out Trump.

The hacks, of course, have been eerily quiet about President Biden’s 5 sets of stolen classified records as the vice president and even senator, unguarded for years, moved several times, accessible by a foreign national, and potentially used to secure millions in foreign bribes and corruption.

Biden and Garland sent a raid after Trump.

They secretly colluded for 2 months on Biden’s stolen classified records.

When they got caught and Garland appointed a Special Counsel, the FBI found Biden’s 5th set of stolen classified records. What did Biden and his attorneys misrepresent about their 4 prior searches? How did this miss this 5th set? How is this not obstruction of justice, like Garland and Smith are charging Trump?

If the hacks cared about “national security,” evidence that a sitting President is compromised by espionage, foreign bribery, and other foreign corruption would be a 5-alarm fire.

But, of course, they are hacks.

They know this is all about Trump’s declassified (and damning) Crossfire Hurricane records.

And deflection from evidence the FBI covered up then VP-Biden and his son Hunter taking a $10 million foreign bribe and change U.S. policy.

Why are they so scared to let the American people decide in November 2024 whether they trust Trump or Biden more with our national security?

Mike is spot on. The regime is absolutely terrified of a man they confidently assert they can defeat without breaking a sweat. They’ve been relentlessly scheming to prevent Trump’s return ever since the laughable 2020 election concluded. How can we forget Biden’s vow to personally halt Trump from reclaiming the presidency? It’s not Biden’s role; it’s the American people who decide who becomes president, not Joe Biden.

Meanwhile, President Trump, the man of the people, went to a Cuban cafe after he plead not guilty on all 37 counts, and while he was there, he bought everybody lunch. The crowd prayed for him and sang “Happy Birthday” to him as well.

As he was leaving, President Trump was mobbed by supporters, who he stopped to thank.

Please pray for President Trump and show your support for this man who scares the globalist regime to the point that they want to imprison him for the rest of his life. It’s truly astonishing that this is happening in America. It’s not China we have to fear, it’s our own rotten government.