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Following his removal from “The Five” due to erratic, crazy behavior, Geraldo Rivera has decided to leave Fox News entirely. We say “good riddance” to a man whose career has largely involved gaslighting Americans. Yet, instead of a nice quiet exit, Fox News is treating him to an overly grand farewell, so extravagant and off the charts, it almost seems like an elaborate joke. But no, it’s quite real.

Apart from Juan Williams, Geraldo Rivera has to be one of the most annoying, rude, and clueless figures on Fox News. Throughout his career, he’s acted as a mouthpiece for the establishment, pushing globalist rhetoric. And who can forget his cringe-worthy dive into Al Capone’s vault? Yet, despite all of this, Fox News has the nerve to bid farewell to this charlatan with all the bells and whistles they could muster — balloons, custom chyrons, and Steve Doocy bouncing around on stage like a dancing bear. It was almost as if we were waiting for a round of “For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow,” to start up. Meanwhile, Fox News’ true hero, Tucker Carlson, is yanked off the air without a single word of warning or acknowledgement of his esteemed career fighting for the forgotten middle-class, discarded like yesterday’s news.


It’s amazing how Fox News holds such disdain for its viewers, ridiculing and disrespecting them, yet the audience keeps coming back for more. As the saying goes, no one can mistreat you without your permission.