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The left always acts with underlying intentions in mind. They always have ulterior motives behind their actions. For example, when the topic of gay marriage was being debated, the left presented themselves as innocent cherubs and claimed, “all we want to do is hold hands in public…” Fast forward a few years and public schools are now trying to turn your kids gay… or transsexual. Whenever the left introduces a new idea or plan, it’s wise to approach it with extreme caution because there is always more to it than meets the eye.

A perfect example of this is Juneteenth — a new federal holiday that commemorates the emancipation of enslaved black Americans. The name comes from combining June and nineteenth and it is celebrated on the anniversary of the order by Major General Gordon Granger proclaiming freedom for enslaved people in Texas on June 19, 1865. On the surface, seems innocent enough, but this is the left we’re talking about and they’ve got bigger fish to fry. Many believe, based on their past track record, that Democrats created Juneteenth to erase the “racist and white” 4th of July celebration. And of course, Fox News is right there to help them out.

Blaze writer Auron MacIntyre shared a tweet about this very topic. It includes an article from Fox News describing how Juneteenth is as American as July 4th. In the tweet Aaron points out that the left doesn’t have to work very hard to advance their agenda, because the right will do it for them. Ain’t that the sad truth.

The black pastor who penned the Fox News article delves into the left’s woke agenda, yet curiously thinks this specific move is totally legitimate.

Fox News:

Welcome to Juneteenth – a federal holiday that’s supposed to unite, but sadly, divides. On June 19th, 1865, union soldiers proclaimed the end of the Civil War and slavery in Galveston, Texas, an event that has come to symbolize the end of slavery nationwide.

Yet today, some conservatives believe celebrating Juneteenth is somehow part of the “woke” takeover of society. I understand their concerns, yet this fear leads people to miss that Juneteenth reflects an enduring commitment to our founding principles and embodies our nation’s greatest attributes.

Here’s more of what Auron had to say about the left’s latest plan to erase July 4th:

For those who need it spelled out for them: The purpose of popularizing a holiday no one had ever heard of which focused on slavery a few weeks ahead of Independence Day was always to replace July 4th

Conservatives, who refuse to understand how this works, rush forward to get “free” leftist points by showing how against slavery they are, like that was ever a real question

The left still hates them, they still lose the black vote, and progressives get to swap the American founding with another narrative about slavery and oppression

And in case you don’t believe Auron, take a look at this CNN article praised by radical left-wingers at The Advocate. They explain how the BLM movement was created in part to push Juneteenth into the national spotlight.

This comment about Juneteenth was absolutely spot on. It comes from a Twitter user named Kristopher J. Anderson:

Juneteenth is a reminder that black people of today are in a new set of shackles…

A manufactured psychological set of shackles.

They’re manipulated into believing, in the greatest and most free nation on earth, that they are still oppressed, still “treated differently”, still “held down by the system”…

When in reality…

We have unlimited opportunity, chances even higher than others based on affirmative action.

The left wants to replace celebrating the birth of our great nation with wholesome backyard BBQs and colorful fireworks with the sounds of screams and gunfire. Six people were shot in Milwaukee while celebrating Juneteenth.

A staggering 22 people were injured during a shooting rampage in Chicago during a Juneteenth celebration.


At least 22 people were injured and one is dead after a shooter opened fire Sunday at a Juneteenth celebration in suburban Chicago, The New York Times reported.

Shortly after midnight local time, an unknown number of suspects fired multiple rounds from multiple weapons into a crowd in a parking lot in Willowbrook, Illinois, about 21 miles outside of Chicago, police officials said in a news release. The search for the suspects is ongoing.

Remember to bring your AR-15 to the parade, everyone! We’re being somewhat sarcastic here, but it’s quite disheartening, ironic, and oddly fitting that this is the type of “celebration” Democrats want to foist upon the American people, and sadly folks on the right will help them do it. Conservatives don’t have the courage to preserve the values they claim to hold dear. We’ve watched as churches have become more aligned with left-leaning ideologies. In many instances, Christians have compromised their faith to appease the left. Also, they’ve allowed the left to influence our children’s upbringing and education without putting up much resistance, until lately. Too little, too late? Time will tell…

So, when the left eventually replaces July 4th with Juneteenth, the best advice we can give you is to make sure you’re wearing a bulletproof vest at the BBQ, because you’ll probably need it.