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It’s that time of year again when the entire world is forced to celebrate the perverted sexual practices of small group of people. “Pride month” has taken an even darker turn in the last few years. It’s gone from celebrating adults doing creepy things to celebrating the grooming of mentally ill children and lopping off their genitals. This is thanks to the Regime adopting transgenderism as state ideology, a development which is so formidable even companies like Fox News have succumbed to the twisted hoopla. But that’s not surprising, since Fox News underwent significant changes following Roger Ailes’ departure. Roger had a keen understanding of Fox News’ mission, which aimed to cater to common sense conservatives seeking news from a “sane” perspective while also providing insights into the crackpot liberal point of view with outlandish characters like Juan Williams and Bob Beckel. When Roger left, the entire house of cards came crashing down and Fox News settled into a new role: a safe haven for the globalist establishment.

In addition, Fox News caught a bad case of Stage 5 TDS and began pushing the left’s LGBTQ agenda. But hold onto your hats, because it’s going to get worse, according to Fox News host Harris Faulkner, who recently revealed just how far left Fox intends to go.

Western Journal:

Fox News host Harris Faulkner drew condemnation from some fans of the network on Wednesday when she said the company will be forced to incorporate the left’s diversity, equity and inclusion agenda into its business model.

The network is already on thin ice with many current viewers and lost almost half its audience after executives made the decision to oust host Tucker Carlson in April.

More viewers vowed to leave for good after Faulkner said on “Outnumbered” that Fox News might no longer have a choice but to let identity politics guide its business practices.

But that type of programming has been going on at Fox News for quite some time. Last year, Fox News aired a “pride month” segment where they celebrated Ryan, a minor who was groomed at the tender age of 5, becoming a “trans kid.” Instead of parenting their child or getting her the mental help she needed, Ryan’s parents opted to indulge the erratic whims of a 5-year-old and turned their daughter into a boy.


When I asked Hillary when she knew Ryland was transgender, she said there were a lot of signs.

Ryland would scream “I’m a boy” as soon as he started speaking, and showed an aversion to anything feminine, said Hillary, who is working on a book about her family’s journey, which will be published by HarperCollins.

Ryland’s just a tomboy, thought the Whittingtons, something Hillary could relate to as a former tomboy herself.

“But the difference was Ryland was shameful about it and knew that he kind of had to hide it,” said Hillary during a lengthy phone interview from her home in San Diego.

Fox News thought this story of grooming, bad parenting, and mental illness was worth celebrating. The notorious segment has now gone mega-viral with over 4 million views.

When you see something like this, which is way worse than anything Bud Light did, it makes you question why many conservatives still back Fox News, even if they’re not thrilled about it. We have the ability to make significant changes if we simply unite and stand up for our beliefs.