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Scientific buffoon and Big Pharma shill Dr. Peter Hotez has wormed his way back into the headlines. But this time, it’s not about his politically charged cruddy COVID advice. Hotez is in the news because he’s pathetically sidestepping a debate with RFK Jr. on the controversial vaccines, citing fears it might descend into a Jerry Springer Show-like spectacle.

Market Watch:

“I’ve offered to come and talk to Joe Rogan again, and have that discussion with him, but not to turn it into the Jerry Springer show with having RFK Jr. on.”

That’s Dr. Peter Hotez, the dean of the National School of Tropical Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine, on MSNBC, explaining why he’s turned down a debate on Joe Rogan’s podcast with Robert F. Kennedy Jr., who’s seeking the Democratic nomination for president and according to the RealClearPolitics average is polling at about 16% in national polls, behind President Joe Biden at 62%.

Things really heated up, and of course, Hotez pulled out the “victim” card early.


A feud broke out on Twitter over the weekend between popular podcaster Joe Rogan and prominent vaccine researcher Peter Hotez, with the podcaster challenging the scientist to a debate about vaccines in an online skirmish that drew fire from a few billionaires.

Why it matters: The incident — which ultimately resulted in individuals approaching the scientist outside his home — highlighted the potential risks for researchers and medical professionals using the platform, which saw a rise in hate speech after its acquisition by billionaire Elon Musk.

While Twitter was a key source for information during the pandemic — and some scientists have argued the importance of remaining there as a counterbalance to growing misinformation and anti-science rhetoric — others say it’s time to head for the doors.

“In light of what’s happened over the last several months — and over the weekend — I believe we’re at an inflection point where the risk/benefit analysis for folks such as myself is shifting to looking at going somewhere else,” said Jorge Caballero, founder of Distal Labs, a non-profit that builds digital tools for grassroots advocacy groups.

Catch up quick: The Twitter battle over the weekend started after Rogan hosted Democratic presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on his show for three hours, spending much of the time talking about anti-vaccine views.

The left keeps tossing around these meaningless, frivolous credentials as if they hold any weight in today’s world.The Axios piece continues:

In response, Hotez, part of a Nobel Prize-nominated team that created an affordable, patent-free COVID vaccine for use in poorer countries, retweeted a Vice article with the headline “Spotify Has Stopped Even Sort of Trying to Stem Joe Rogan’s Vaccine Misinformation.”

The show spread “nonsense,” Hotez tweeted.

That prompted a challenge from Rogan to Hotez: “Peter, if you claim what RFKjr is saying is ‘misinformation’ I am offering you $100,000.00 to the charity of your choice if you’re willing to debate him on my show with no time limit.”

What happened next: Rogan’s challenge sparked an internet pile-on against Hotez, accusing him of being a “pharma shill,” as well as a back-and-forth between some of Twitter’s most influential, including Musk and billionaire investor Mark Cuban.

“He’s afraid of public debate because he knows he’s wrong,” Musk tweeted about Hotez.

The new slogan of the liberal left? “Debate bad.”

His “Springer” comparison is interesting considering that show’s reputation for outrageous antics, not unlike those of Dr. Hotez, who some may have forgotten was the pandemic goof ball who claimed BLM protests were perfectly safe while anti-mandate rallies were not. This is how the remarkable “sCiEnCe” played out, according to the esteemed New York Times:


If COVID managed to do one positive thing, it was unmasking these self-proclaimed “experts.”

Here’s a closeup of the images:



Ultimately, the scientific and medical community has tarnished its own reputation so badly that it’s become impossible to believe anything they say. At this juncture, you can almost understand why Hotez would avoid a debate on the issue. He doesn’t have a solid argument to back him up, and he’s well aware of it.