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Presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis is receiving considerable backlash following the recent revelation that a group of questionable individuals hosted a high-profile fundraiser in support of the Florida governor.

The DeSantis fundraiser was organized by a lobbyist representing Moderna, another company known for producing puberty blockers, as well as a sanctioned Chinese firm. The event came with a hefty price tag of $1,000 per plate.

Daily Mail:

A lobbyist for vaccine manufacturer Moderna and for the maker of a leading puberty blocker given to transgender children is holding a fundraising event for Ron DeSantis in Washington D.C. this month.

This event has placed DeSantis in a precarious situation, especially considering his strong opposition to “wokeness” and his criticism of Trump’s association with the vaccine. To many, this disclosure could mark the beginning of a worrying trend.

It puts the Florida governor in an awkward position as he tries to ride anti-vaxxer sentiment and his record restricting gender-affirming treatment all the way to the White House.

He is pressing for a grand jury investigation into Moderna and has banned transgender treatment for minors in Florida.

The Trump campaign quickly slammed DeSantis, accusing him of hypocrisy as he did the bidding of his ‘globalist masters.’

The controversy stems from an event to be held at the offices of Brownstein Hyatt Farber Schreck, D.C.’s biggest federal lobbying firm, on June 23. DeSantis supporters can buy a place with a $1,000 donation, according to an invitation obtained by

To be effective at the presidential level, you have to be free from the influence of lobbyists and special interests, that is, what Trump so memorably called the “swamp.”

One of the hosts is Marc Lampkin, a partner at the firm, who has been on the wrong side of a host of DeSantis or Republican red button issues.

He has been registered as a lobbyist for Moderna, manufacturer of a COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, since February 2021.

Filings show he is also registered for AbbVie, maker of puberty blocker Lupron, since 2014. The drug was given to trans children in Florida to pause puberty, but its use is now in doubt since DeSantis signed a bill banning the use of such drugs for new patients under 18.

And Foreign Agents Registration Act papers show that he represented Fujian Jinhua, a Chinese state-owned maker of semiconductors. In 2018, it was sanctioned by the Trump administration, which said it was a security threat.

News of these troubling associations comes right at the heels of revelations that a Bud Light company lobbyist is a top bundler for DeSantis’ political campaign. The Bud Light brand has absolutely cratered in the wake of its PR campaign featuring male to female crossdresser Dylan Mulvaney.


The revelations above underscore the all-pervasive nature of the swamp. The truth is it is impossible to operate at the Presidential or even gubernatorial level in American politics without making acquaintances and even in some capacity working with swamp creatures. Still, it is troubling to see DeSantis allow himself to be courted by lobbyists who have promoted such vile things that run completely contrary to the key issues that the governor advertises as his comparative advantage. This is in keeping with our earlier guest piece on DeSantis’ deliberately doomed bill to address Big Tech censorship, which surprisingly contained a pro-Disney exemption that might as well have been written by lobbyists for Disney.

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We will continue to keep an eye on this important issue.