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The Wall Street Journal recently published a bombshell piece that inadvertently validated the much ballyhooed Pizzagate conspiracy theory.

For those unfamiliar with it, “Pizzagate” is a theory that alleges elites use coded “pizza references” to openly discuss their hidden pedophile sex ring. According to this theory, terms like “pizza” and “cheese” supposedly serve as code words for illicit activities involving children.

Similar to many theories that cast the left in a negative light, the Pizzagate theory was quickly dismissed as a “right-wing conspiracy” by the usual suspects. Anyone daring to mention Pizzagate was swiftly shot down and labeled as a Q-kook.

However, this recent article in the WSJ could potentially turn everything on its head. It reveals that Instagram, owned by Meta, has apparently become a safe haven for a significant network of pedophiles who employ hashtags related to “cheese pizza,” among others, to communicate and pursue their sinister and depraved intentions against innocent children. But what many people are missing in this eye-popping piece is that Mark Zuckerberg’s Instagram was more focused on censoring January 6th election conversations than putting an end to online pedophilia.

If that disgusting thought process doesn’t show the true intentions of the left, nothing else will.


As with most social-media platforms, the core of Instagram’s recommendations are based on behavioral patterns, not by matching a user’s interests to specific subjects. This approach is efficient in increasing the relevance of recommendations, and it works most reliably for communities that share a narrow set of interests.

In theory, this same tightness of the pedophile community on Instagram should make it easier for Instagram to map out the network and take steps to combat it. Documents previously reviewed by the Journal show that Meta has done this sort of work in the past to suppress account networks it deems harmful, such as with accounts promoting election delegitimization in the U.S. after the Jan. 6 Capitol riot.

Like other platforms, Instagram says it enlists its users to help detect accounts that are breaking rules. But those efforts haven’t always been effective.

Reports of child porn would go unanswered for months at a time, but anybody discussing “January 6th” or the “2020 election” would probably get deleted in two shakes of a lamb’s tail.

Sometimes user reports of nudity involving a child went unanswered for months, according to a review of scores of reports filed over the last year by numerous child-safety advocates.

Earlier this year, an anti-pedophile activist discovered an Instagram account claiming to belong to a girl selling underage-sex content, including a post declaring, “This teen is ready for you pervs.” When the activist reported the account, Instagram responded with an automated message saying: “Because of the high volume of reports we receive, our team hasn’t been able to review this post.”

This reflects a deeply disturbing communist mentality. Communists hold the belief that prisons represent “fascism” and that all criminals can and should be rehabilitated, with one notable exception: political dissidents, who are “irredeemable” and deserve to be locked up. If you understand this perspective, everything the left does will suddenly make sense.

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