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Christ Christie appeared on Fox News and he solidified his place as the biggest GOP RINO in history.

Not only did Christie defend the outrageous weaponization of the judicial system against Trump, but he also claims that the GOP has “lost” for 7 years under Trump’s leadership.

The Hill:

During an interview on “Fox & Friends” on Thursday, Christie pointed to Republicans’ performance in House, Senate and presidential races since 2016. “I believe the Republican Party has been losing now for nearly seven years,” he said.

What RINO Christie fails to mention is how he and his establishment buddies have worked tirelessly to stop President Trump, even if it means sacrificing the country and destroying the American people.

And speaking of destroying the U.S., the weaponization of our judicial system to punish political dissidents is communism — fully approved by hulking Chris Christie.

Yahoo News:

President Donald Trump suggested Monday that he’s close to being charged in the Department of Justice’s investigation into his handling of classified documents.

Christie doesn’t have a snow ball’s chance in hell of winning the GOP nomination. He’s part of the establishment brigade, sent out to trash Trump and validate what the regime is doing to him.

Trump’s indictment is now imminent, as President Trump himself reported just moments ago. In addition, it also appears that the feds are now angling for a sedition prosecution against President Trump.

The New York Post:

Alyssa Farah Griffin was told to give her own “view” of the events.

Former Donald Trump associate Alyssa Farah Griffin reportedly met with prosecutors investigating the attack on the United States Capitol that occurred on Jan. 6, 2021, reports CNN.

“The interview was focused primarily on former President Donald Trump, his state of mind and what he knew about the baseless claims of widespread election fraud he was pushing leading up to the January 6 attack,” said a source close to Griffin, adding that the “View” star would “help prosecutors by providing first-hand accounts of times Trump seemed to acknowledge he lost the election.”

One source told CNN that the talk show host was surprised over the prosecution’s focus on Trump’s mindset after the election.

The regime is going to throw everything they can at President Trump because their survival depends on stopping him at all costs, and establishment stooges like Christ Christie will do their part to make sure the regime is successful in doing just that.

Chris Christie and the establishment stooges would rather we return to the good old days, where the occasional “fight” against a beer company, Disney, or Target was the main controversy, but nothing too risky like confronting the Deep State or putting an end to forever wars. The right longs for vanilla politics to make a comeback. As you can see, Chris Christie loves vanilla.