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Chelsea Clinton, the child of two politicians widely regarded as the most corrupt in U.S. history, is so mad about the reversal of Roe v Wade, she’s dropping gratuitous F-bombs one year later. Chelsea is now blaming the current state of chaos in the world on “Christian White Nationalism.” Yes, if only we would chop off more body parts and murder more babies, this world would be a better place. It’s truly shocking to see how passionately the left supports murdering babies, yet these same people would hold a candlelight vigil outside a prison for a convicted serial killer on death row.

Daily Beast:

A year after the Supreme Court’s dramatic overturning of Roe v. Wade, Chelsea Clinton revealed she’s still “really fucking angry” about the decision. “That is an uncomfortable place to be because of the historical women tropes that so often have been used to silence and diminish women and our voices,” Clinton said at the Aspen Ideas: Health summit. “I’m really angry because we know that women have died.” She gave an example of how pregnant women who need “medically indicated necessary care” can be denied an abortion due doctors’ fears that the fetus might be seen as “viable” in the eyes of the law. “We have moved forward to again a time in which we are making women more vulnerable because of a very extreme, narrowly rendered view of Christian white nationalism,” Clinton shared.

There’s nothing more twisted and ghoulishly ironic than promoting abortion at a “health summit. ”

It’s unclear exactly which women are dying due to the reversal of Roe v Wade, but when it coms to the left’s agenda, facts take a backseat, and all that matter is demonizing patriotic white Christians. Despite this, Chelsea’s feigned outrage didn’t strike a chord with everyone. Here’s a look at what some had to say about her immoral stance:

“The same shameless Chelsea Clinton that had her wedding paid for funds from a non-profit. America doesn’t need ethic statements from the Clintons.”

“So weird. No women have died but certainly fewer babies have. That’s a GOOD thing.”

“Surely her Mother considered aborting her law partner’s baby? Chelsea should be thankful that she chose life.”

“Her mom is a better actor.”

“Funny how I’ve NEVER heard of a death the way she describes all these women dying. I HAVE heard of babies being aborted for convenience and the like, but of course, that doesn’t count.”

“Wow. What a wretched woman. How many women and Children died in Haiti when your family fleeced 90% of the humanitarian aid?”