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We regret to inform you that groomers within the California government are it again. Hide your children, because state officials are jumping through hoops to make sure your youngsters can lob off their private parts with ease. State officials are actually changing insurance language to push their twisted trans agenda forward.

UCLA Health reports that most insurances in the state of California provide gender affirming care as a covered benefit. This means that the person will only be responsible for their co-payment at the time of your visit. Meanwhile, typical health insurance covers some costs of cancer care. But typically, one plan will not cover all the costs. Clearly, we are a screwed up country.

However, sadly, none of this should come as a surprise to anybody, considering just last year, California ordered all insurance companies to cover the mastectomies of mentally ill and confused “gender” patients.


The California Department of Insurance has directed all insurance companies in the Golden State to pay for the mastectomies of any gender transition patients under the age of 18.

Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara issued a General Counsel Opinion Letter clarifying that under existing California law, health insurance companies may not deny coverage based solely on a patient’s age for female-to-male patients undergoing “gender-affirming” care for gender dysphoria.

“For far too long, individuals diagnosed with gender dysphoria have had to battle a host of challenges to get access to gender-affirming care in order to be their true selves,” Lara said. “Social stigma, misconceptions about gender dysphoria and its treatment, and outdated medical criteria create barriers to necessary medical care that can lead to tragic results for individuals with gender dysphoria, especially for our transgender youth.”

The department’s General Counsel Opinion Letter was released in response to an inquiry from San Diego’s TransFamily Support Services regarding several denials of coverage for male chest surgery for patients under 18 years old who are transitioning from female to male.

The department determined that denying coverage for mastectomy and the construction of a male chest based solely on age is impermissible. Health insurance companies must consider a patient’s specific clinical situation in determining medical necessity.

Now, California revised the insurance terminology to manipulate the system and eliminating any “age limits” associated this particular procedure. What was formerly referred to as “cosmetic” treatment has now been reclassified as “reconstructive” in the updated language. Apparently, the groomers in California want to make sure they’re able to perform mastectomy’s on newborns if they want to.

Here’s what Twitter user Colin Wright said in his tweets:

In 2020, California changed insurance language on double mastectomies for gender dysphoric females from “cosmetic” to “reconstructive” to remove age limits for the surgery.

Normal breasts were reclassified as “abnormal structures of the body caused by congenital defects.”

“As such, in an individual diagnosed with gender dysphoria, who is born with female characteristics and identifies as male, the presence of a female chest is an abnormal body structure caused by gender dysphoria…”

Here’s a closeup of the documents that Colin shared:




Elon Musk read the tweets and simply had this to say:

So, the bottom line is this: moms who’ve experienced changes in their breasts due to pregnancy and breastfeeding, or women who feel insecure about their small cup size, don’t have their breast surgery covered under the “normal appearance” clause, while mentally ill men do. Gee, sounds like the women’s liberation movement is doing great, gals. Keep up the good work!