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If you’re searching for a masterclass in how to practically demolish your entire brand, cast your eyes toward the oblivious dolts leading the marketing department at Bud Light. I don’t know what those people are smoking,  but it must be mind-numbing. That’s the only explanation for the clueless marketing schemes they keep pumping out. We all remember the fallout from the Transvestite debacle; Bud Light imploded. And if you think the situation has improved, you’re mistaken. It has actually gotten worse.

The New York Post:

Bud Light suffered its worst weekly sales drop since the nation’s No. 1 beer brand launched an ill-fated marketing tie-up with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

For the week ending June 10, Bud Light sales dropped by a whopping 26.8%, according to the latest data from Bump Williams Consulting and NielsenIQ.

That’s wider than the 24.4% drop seen during the prior week — and topped the all-time previous worst plunge of 25.7% during the week ended May 20 — since the beer giant got into bed with Mulvaney on April 1.

Anheuser-Busch’s other brands also took a step backward for the week ended June 10, according to the data. Sales of Budweiser were down 10% compared to a 7.8% decline the previous week, while Natural Light was down 2.3% vs. a 1% decline. Michelob Ultra – the nation’s No. 3 beer — was down 2.4%.

“This was a tough week for Bud Light and other beer brands” owned by Anheuser-Busch, said Bump Williams, head of the eponymous consulting firm.

If you’re a company on the ropes, it’s key that every move you make is a smart one. However, it feels like the folks at Bud Light wouldn’t spot a clever business play even if it said hello and shook their hand. This latest move is proof of that. After staying quiet and laying low, Bud Light has just released it’s first new ad since TrannyGate, and it’s a doozy. Instead of celebrating their amazing customer base, Bud Light is mocking them. This latest ad portrays white, heterosexual people as a bunch of bumbling idiots.

Marketing wise, this is exactly what Bud Light shouldn’t have done.

Bud Light had a narrow window of opportunity to issue a sincere apology to their customers for disrespecting them by endorsing controversial and unpopular, politically-charged agenda left-wing agenda. However, they failed to do so, and are now openly and shamelessly mocking whatever customers they have left.

If you’re still supporting this company, you might want to stop. It’s painfully clear that Bud Light hates their customer base.