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If you live in the UK and you’re a child rapist, we have great news for you: it turns out that you’re deemed less dangerous than a person who writes a racist blog. We wish we were being sarcastic, but sadly, this is the current state of shameless and dangerous progressiveness happening in the UK.

Molesting a minor will land you in the clink for 18 months, while writing racist things about Prince Harry will earn you a 4-year prison sentence.

That gentleman convicted of child sexual assault doesn’t look like a typical “Brit.” Perhaps he’s a refugee who’s strengthening the UK culture with his diversity.

Police UK:

A sex offender has been jailed after being caught by plain clothes British Transport Police officers assaulting a teenage girl on the London Underground.

Abdulrizak Ali Hersi, 32, and of Invicita Close, Limehouse, was found guilty of sexual assault at Inner London Crown on May 5.

The judge sentenced him to 18 months in prison and a ten year Sexual Harm Prevention Order which prevents him from intentionally standing behind or next to any female he doesn’t know in a public place.

A measly 18 months for sexually assaulting a young girl and likely ruining every relationship she will have for the rest of her life.

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Meanwhile, a teenager who shared a stupid, violent meme and hurled a “racist” insult against Prince Harry and his wife will be spending 4 years in prison. Keep in mind, Harry and Meghan likely never saw the meme and it will have zero impact on their perfectly pampered lives, but that 13-year-old little girl will relive her nightmare assault every time she closes her eyes for the rest of her life.


A far-right teenager who reportedly branded Prince Harry a “race traitor” and suggested he should be shot after his marriage to Meghan Markle has been jailed in Britain for four years and three months.

Michal Szewczuk, 19, posted extremist material including an image of the prince with a gun to his head on a blood-spattered background, the UK Press Association (PA) news agency reported.

Published months after Harry’s wedding to Meghan, whose mother is African-American, the image also featured a swastika and the phrase: “See Ya Later Race Traitor.”

This is a photo of 19-year-old Michael Szewczuk who called Prince Harry a “race traitor.”

It’s shocking to see a sexual assault treated so flippantly in comparison to this kid, who they threw the book at for a nasty meme and a “racist” slur.

Szewczuk was sentenced at the Old Bailey in London Tuesday, after pleading guilty to two counts of encouraging terrorism and five accounts of possessing terrorist material, the UK’s Counter Terrorism Policing (CTP) unit confirmed in a statement.

Among the materials in Szewczuk’s possession was the White Resistance Manual – a white supremacist handbook – and the al Qaeda Training Manual, PA said.

While terrorist ideology is warped and dangerous, the teen did not physically harm or pose any direct threat to Prince Harry. His actions were confined to sharing a meme depicting a violent act. Who knows, maybe he was “radicalized” by liberal Trump-hater Kathy Griffin, who shared this blood-soaked photo of President Trump without facing a single criminal charge.

Kathy Griffin Trump photo: Tyler Shields explains decapitated image |

This current UK incident can be linked to communist ideology, where imprisonment is often regarded as a form of “fascism.” Communists generally believe that most criminals can be reformed, except for political dissidents who are seen as beyond redemption and thus deserving of imprisonment.

This situation comparing the child rape case to the “racism” arrest is arguably an example of that communist ideology at work.