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Over the past few weeks we’ve watched as two major beer companies and one gun manufacturer turned into an estrogen-soaked mess, thanks to female-led marketing teams who work off of hysterical emotions instead of rationale business sense. We all know the story of Bud Light, who spit in the face of its loyal customer base in order to support a fringe group of transvestites who don’t even drink their beer. The results of that bad business decision have been catastrophic for Bud Light, which is still losing customers nearly 5 weeks later.

The woman behind that marketing fiasco is none other than Alissa Heinerscheid. Her mission? To castrate Bud Light and rid it of its notorious “frat boy” image. Instead of reaching out to a new batch of young, male potential beer drinkers, Alissa decided to target cross dressers. This wasn’t a business move, it was pure activism and it blew up in Bud Light’s face.

However, Bud Light isn’t the only brewery with a marketing team led by women on a “seek and destroy” mission. Miller Light has also faced backlash thanks to their militant marketing activists. Before the Bud Light incident, the female marketing team at Miller Lite launched a “women-centric” campaign that some critics referred to as “feminazi” as it shamed women for being hot and men for admiring them for it.


By the way, women don’t drink that much beer, especially compared to men, so it makes no marketing sense to demonize men in order to appeal to potential female beer drinkers.

The “Bad Shit to Good Shit” ad has a depressing, eerie vibe, capturing a dark and dystopian atmosphere. It showcases homely schoolmarms, admonishing Americans for finding pleasure in beauty and sensuality.

Elizabeth Hitch, the senior director of marketing, led the “Bad Shit to Good Shit” woke campaign, which, similar to Bud Light, alienated loyal male customers.

Now, you might be wondering why Elizabeth’s boss didn’t intervene and put an end to this woke nonsense. Well, we have the answer to that question. This is Elizabeth’s boss:

Meet Sofia Colucci, the chief marketing officer of Molson Coors Beverage, which owns Miller Lite.

Screenshot_DeGroote School of Business_Youtube_Sofia Colucci

Sofia is a liberal activist who supports gun control, BLM,  career criminal George Floyd, Obama, illegal immigration and the controversial COVID-19 vaccine.

Daily Caller:

Colucci has deleted many of the posts, however, the Caller took screenshots of her posts before they were deleted. Colucci donated and shared a fundraiser on her Facebook page that goes to reuniting migrants with their immigrant families. She also shared another page regarding the Las Vegas Shooting, saying members of Congress who received donations from the NRA need to meet with the victims and implement stricter gun laws.

In another post, she praised the Pope for “stressing the importance” of the COVID-19 vaccine and said people who were reluctant to get the vaccine would hopefully be steered by his actions. Colucci also changed her profile photo to include “I got my COVID-19 vaccine. We can do this,” and shared a post from Miller to buy shirts for the COVID-19 vaccine.

Here are some of the screenshots Daily Caller captured of Sofia’s social media posts:

This is Sofia proud of her vaccine:

Sofia started a gun control petition:

Sofia showed her support for BLM with a “black” AVI:

Sofia still wishes Obama was in charge.

Both Elizabeth and Sophia are working in tandem to neuter Miller Lite beer.

Elizabeth Hitch And Sofia Colucci: Who Are The Two Women Under Fire For Miller Lite's Feminist Ad? - The Publica

But here’s the kicker: The Bad Sh*t to Good Sh*t marketing campaign was “spearheaded” by an “all-female leadership team”. Wash FM:

Bad $#!T to Good $#!T continues Miller Lite’s ongoing efforts to make beer more inclusive. This campaign was spearheaded by an all-female leadership team and continues the brand’s work empowering women in beer, as it did with 2022’s Mary Lisle cans, which celebrated the firstfemale brewer in American history.

There wasn’t even one single man on that marketing team who could have told them it was a terrible idea — and even if there was one, he probably wouldn’t have said anything for fear of losing his head.

But’s not just beer companies who are falling victim to this new crop of female marketing militants, it’s impacting others as well.

Gunmaker Heckler & Koch inserted themselves into the “woke beer wars” by showing support for Miller Lite’s cringeworthy feminist campaign. HK praised Miller Lite for their decision not to employ sexy “bunnies” in their beer advertisements. The gunmaker took it a step further the following day, issuing a second tweet denouncing such “objectifying” advertising campaigns as “trash marketing.”



The female corporate activism wars continue, and as a result, many conservatives are expressing apprehension about Twitter’s new CEO, Linda Yaccarino. They believe that she holds a destructive and emotionally charged left-wing ideology similar to the Beer Babes.

There seems to be a concerning situation brewing within the marketing departments of certain beer companies and similar entities. Forget about product development, brand management, sales, and market share — women-led marketing teams are apparently focusing their efforts on transforming what they perceive as “toxic male” organizations into more inclusive corporations that provide a safe environment for women and the LGBTQ community.

If the business world doesn’t take notice of and put an end to this trend, it could lead to the demise of these companies.