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In modern-day America, appreciating the beauty of women and enjoying their activities is becoming increasingly difficult. Gone are the days of glamorous “Angel” fashion shows, and even Sports Illustrated is now featuring overweight women (and even men) on their swimsuit covers. And if you happen to desire the excitement of a lively lap dance, it appears that such entertainment is now limited to regime-sanctioned performers like Whoopi Goldberg.

That’s exactly what went down (pun intended) recently on ABC’s “The View.” The show transformed into a really creepy and version of “Girls Gone Wild 2023” as Whoopi surprised her cohost with a disturbing and unsightly lap dance, all caught on camera.

Western Journal:

During a Monday segment on “The View” in which the co-hosts were debating whether or not getting a lap dance at a bachelor or bachelorette party should be viewed as cheating, Whoopi Goldberg took things a step further and actually gave Sunny Hostin a lap dance mid-show.

The segment, called “Hot Topics,” featured the hosts of the show debating a recent survey from that asked 6,000 males and females across the U.S. whether or not they cheated during a bachelor or bachelorette party.

The word “cheating” for the purposes of this survey was loosely defined as any type of “naughty behavior.”

We apologize in advance if you’re eating while watching this. We’re not responsible for any dry cleaning bills.

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In the 1980s, bachelorette parties gained popularity and were seen as an important symbol of sexual liberation and progress towards “gender equality” — two things that are now destroying families and businesses in this country.  And by the sounds of those “cheating stats” bachelor parties aren’t much better — probably a good reason to dump this crude tradition altogether.

Perhaps an even more compelling reason to abandon this tradition is to avoid ever having to witness another instance of Whoopi Goldberg engaging in a lap dance.