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Dan Karasic, who authored the mental health chapter of “World Professional Association for Transgender Health SOC8,” reportedly made some very controversial and disturbing statements during the trans health conference over the weekend. Karasic suggested that severely autistic, non-verbal patients can communicate their desire to “transition” by simply drawing their gender. He says this should be “accepted” as a form of consent.

Imagine if they weren’t skilled at drawing and accidentally depicted the wrong gender. These disturbing and insane comments have raised concerns from many people who argue that non-verbal individuals with autism may not have the capacity to fully understand or consent to such a life-destroying decision.

What this irresponsible ghoulish man is proposing is the very definition of “grooming.”

Dan Karasic, MD, is a gender psychiatrist who peddles garbage “regret” studies on his Facebook page.

We’re also told that in another session, a different presenter said that limiting access to gender care on the basis of “intellectual disability” is discriminatory.

The left is so determined to create an army of gender-confused soldiers, that they’re stooping to disturbing and inhumane levels to achieve it. They have now crossed a line and are engaging in medical experimentation on individuals with mental challenges. If the radical trans activists are advocating for such degeneracy, then it’s not surprising that they are also targeting vulnerable children. Does this really come as a surprise? It shouldn’t.