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Clay Travis, founder of OutKick, conducted a briliant social experiment at a concert recently. He offered free beer cans to the concertgoers to see if the rumors are true that drinking Bud Light has become socially unacceptable in public.

The experiment allowed people to choose any beer they wanted from the cooler and the results were fascinating: no one picked the Bud Light throughout the night.


Guess the rumors are true.

The results of this social experiment are devastating for Bud Light, as it shows people are actively avoiding the brand like the plague and choosing other options instead. This is a major blow for any company, and it could be the “kiss of death.” Thanks to one disastrous marketing campaign, Bud Light now carries a “stigma” that may last for years.

This experiment also proves how wildly unpopular the  “transgender” movement is.

Looks like we killed two birds with one very powerful stone.