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Texas RINOs are attempting to remove Attorney General Ken Paxton through an impeachment vote by alleging some weak corruption charges that center around allegations of aiding a wealthy political donor, conducting a sham investigation against whistleblowers, and covering up his wrongdoing in a separate federal securities fraud case against him. Ken Paxton is a staunch conservative and a strong supporter of former President Trump.

The real reason they want to impeach Paxton could have something to do with this:

Paxton lashed out against this impeachment sham and called on his supporters to fight.


Paxton has denied the charges and on Friday lashed out against his critics, saying that removing him from office would be a gift for President Joe Biden and his Democratic agenda.

Staking out a position on the far right on divisive cultural issues, Paxton has sued the Biden administration nearly 50 times attempting to halt what has he labeled as “unlawful tyrannical policies” on issues including immigration, gun rights and business regulation.

The five-member Texas House General Investigating Committee voted unanimously on Thursday to recommend that Paxton be impeached and removed from office.

“They are showcasing their absolute contempt for the electoral process. Every politician who supports this deceitful impeachment attempt will inflict lasting damage on the credibility of the Texas House,” said Paxton, who easily won reelection last year after fending off a Republican primary challenge from George P. Bush, a scion of two former presidents.

The committee has heard testimony from its investigators about several years of alleged abuse of office by Paxton, including that he provided friend and donor Nate Paul, a Texas real estate developer, with FBI files related to the bureau’s investigation into Paul.

The impeachment articles also allege Paxton engaged in bribery when Paul hired a woman with whom Paxton was having an extramarital affair.

As of yesterday, Paxton has officially been impeached by the House, and we have yet to see what happens next.

RINOs are doing the heavy lifting for the left. Both are determined to undermine the MAGA movement and target anyone who stands by the principles of putting America First.

The Texas House has scheduled the vote for Saturday to decide the fate of Ken Paxton and MAGA is fired up and ready to defend him at all costs.

Don Jr. put out this tweet, basically declaring war between the GOP establishment and MAGA:

Former Dem turned America First warrior Vernon Jones echoed Don Jr.’s statement in his own powerful tweet:

Conservative influence Kam is calling out RINO and “liberal in GOP clothing” Dade Phelan who’s leading the charge against Paxton.

But it was President Trump who delivered the most brutal blow to Dade with two blistering posts on Truth Social.

Dade is the allegedly drunken fool leading the charge against Paxton. This is how he showed up on the floor of the Texas House — three sheets to the wind.

Ted Cruz is with Paxton.

Paxton is fighting this mess.

If they succeed in defeating Paxton and impeaching him, they will appoint a RINO, effectively crippling the state of Texas. If turning Texas blue is their goal, this is the way to achieve it.

We must not permit such an outcome. The left has already gained control over our churches, schools, and military. We must not, under any circumstances, allow them to seize Texas as well.