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Remember when Biden appointed far-left Trump hating racial grievance professional Bishop Garrison to a Pentagon position designed to ideologically vet and purge conservatives from the military?

We reported on it back in May, 2021.


On February 3, 2021, in the wake of the “deadly events” of 1/6, Biden’s new Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin ordered a 60-day stand-down and total purge of the U.S. military’s rampant, undefined “extremism” problem. Though the details of this purge were always kept vague and framed in apolitical terms, it was immediately obvious the target would be MAGA — with the buzzword “extremism” tagged onto various proxies for Trump supporters, conservatives, and opponents of globalism of all stripes.

We now know the hatchet man the Pentagon has selected to carry out this MAGA purge of the American defense forces, and the entire operation is worse than you could have ever imagined.

The Biden administration has just put the equivalent of Ibram X. Kendi in charge of vetting the entire U.S. military.

This hatchet man’s name is Bishop Garrison, Senior Advisor to the Secretary of Defense for Diversity and Inclusion…

Well, they would have gotten away with it had it not been for a pesky little news outlet called Revolver News. But don’t take our word for it. The disgraced, Soros-funded outfit Media Matters penned a long, fuming screed detailing the effect our reporting on Bishop Garrison had on the Pentagon’s decision to quietly retire the Orwellian “Counter Extremism Working Group”:

Right-wing media outlets and personalities leveled repeated attacks against a modest Pentagon initiative created in 2021 to address high levels of white supremacy in the military, ultimately neutralizing the effort and leading to the unit’s abandonment. The conservative campaign was directed at military veteran Bishop Garrison, who led the Countering Extremism Working Group, which has now “vanished virtually without a trace,” according to a recent report from CNN.

The Media Matters story singles out none other than yours truly as the culprit in ending Bishop Garrison’s Pentagon program to purge conservatives. The screed helpfully provides a timeline mapping the spread of conservative media’s awareness of Bishop Garrison’s plans beginning with the Revolver piece and a tweet from Revolver’s own Darren Beattie.

Media Matters:

On February 16, 2021, Garrison was appointed to a newly created role to advise Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin on how to reduce and mitigate the threat of white supremacy in the U.S. military. The announcement went largely unremarked upon in both mainstream and conservative media for several weeks.

Then on May 5, conservative website Revolver published a story headlined “Meet Bishop Garrison: The Pentagon’s Hatchet Man in Charge of Purging MAGA Patriots and Installing Race Theory in The Military.” The site’s founder, Darren Beattie, tweeted the piece out, highlighting the quote “​​The Biden administration has just put the equivalent of Ibram X. Kendi in charge of vetting the entire U.S. military.”

After the Revolver piece, Darren Beattie appeared on Pete Hegseth’s Fox News show to further discuss Bishop Garrison and the dark intentions of his Pentagon group, which infuriated the Soros-owned outfit:

Here is the segment in question:

But it doesn’t stop there. Soros’ minions at Media Matters kept on our tails, taking meticulous notes about Just the News picking up the story along with a follow-up we published for which Media Matters offered a lame attempt at a “fact check”.

Media Matters:

Days later, conservative media website Just the News published a story that highlighted Hegseth’s comments from his initial segment.

On May 13, Revolver published another piece on Garrison with the factually incorrect headline “‘Free Speech Is A Digital Black Plague’: Bishop Garrison is Key Mercenary in Biden’s Dark War Against The First Amendment.”

Despite the quotation marks in the headline, the piece doesn’t include any evidence that Garrison wrote or spoke that exact phrase. Instead, the piece links to an op-ed Garrison published about the dangers of ideological polarization in news consumption leading to the spread of bad information, a fitting if ironic topic given Revolver’s mischaracterization of his stance. It’s true he described what he characterized as partisan echo chambers as a “digital black plague” that poses a danger to social cohesion, a relatively pedestrian observation common among mainstream commentators.

Here’s where George Soros’ janitor John Knefel, who penned this frustrated chronicle of our success, really starts to fume. Indeed, Knefel seemed particularly incensed at Darren Beattie’s appearance on Steve Bannon’s program to further discuss the Bishop Garrison story:

To round out the picture, Soros’ court eunuch proceeds to document how the story reached Jesse Watters’ Fox program and ultimately ended up on Tucker Carlson.

The Media-Matters Soros lapdog continues to meticulously catalogue subsequent media appearances by Revolver’s Darren Beattie before indignantly concluding that the media campaign shows how the process shows how “right-wing media will vigorously oppose efforts to mitigate widespread white supremacy”. How DARE non-Regime approved media right back against the institutional attack on patriotic Americans in the military! And make no mistake, this has nothing to do with so-called “white supremacy” and everything to do with purging conservatives and Trump supporters, as Revolver’s original report thoroughly demonstrated.

Who in their right mind could possibly think someone who thinks being a Trump supporter makes you racist, sexist, and extremist should be in charge of a Pentagon group tasked with ideologically vetting and surveilling troops?

Only an outfit as creepy and ideologically fanatical as Soros’ Media Matters could possibly lament Revolver News’ contribution to getting such a Pentagon group disbanded. The Soros-stained screed bitterly reprimands the Biden Administration for caving to the public pressure generated by our reporting, and amusingly feigns a posture of detached superiority by calling Revolver’s Darren Beattie “mediocre.”

That the boilerplate backlash was successful despite being led by such mediocrities as Pete Hegseth and Darren Beattie — whom Bannon recently derided as a man-child — does not speak particularly well of the Biden administration. It also suggests that these demonization campaigns can potentially succeed absent any shimmering talent leading the charge, instead relying on mid-level functionaries in the larger conservative ecosystem repeatedly hammering the point home.

This is not the first time the “mediocre” reporting of Revolver News has been so extraordinarily effective as to warrant a detailed timeline study by some adversarial Soros-funded, regime-aligned outlet. As chronicled in Revolver’s bombshell expose of the now-disgraced disinformation “journalist” Renee DiResta, Stanford’s in-house censorship think tank called the Stanford Internet Observatory did a detailed study of the effect of Revolver News’ reporting on color revolutions.

Readers may recall that in the months leading up to the 2020 election, Revolver News distinguished itself with a series of reports on so-called “color revolutions,” pointing out that many national security professionals who conducted color revolution regime change operations overseas were using the very same tactics domestically in order to derail Donald Trump’s presidency.

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Revolver’s Darren Beattie took to Tucker Carlson to explain the issue in no unclear terms (yet another reminder of why they had to take Tucker off the air):

Stanford’s Internet Observatory published a study on so-called “misinformation” surrounding the 2020 election that took a particular interest in the fact that Revolver News’ color revolution reporting had drawn unwelcome attention to the fact that national security professionals were using regime change tools normally deployed overseas to undermine then-President Trump. Here is an example of then narrative timeline put together, which reliable sources have told us has been taught at several American journalism schools.

They even provided a helpful graph!

With this level of effectiveness, no wonder George Soros has full time operatives employed to demonetize Revolver News and take us off the internet for good.

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And no wonder the Regime considers us such a threat that the FBI went to the great lengths of removing an agent’s security clearance for daring to share a Revolver News piece on January 6th with his colleagues.

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The very effectiveness that makes the regime wants to take us out so badly is the very reason we are absolutely committed to continue with our mission to deliver the most fearless, hard-hitting reporting available anywhere on behalf of American patriots.

Rest assured, we’re just getting started. Be sure to subscribe, donate, and follow us using the links below to join us in the fight.