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Ron DeSantis announced his bid for the White House on Twitter Wednesday during an interview with Elon Musk. As of now, President Trump is dominating everyone, including DeSantis. Trump’s leading by a commanding 31 points.

But there’s no denying that Ron DeSantis has a strong and loyal following, which makes it understandable to compare him to Trump now that DeSantis has made it official. A staunch conservative recently shared her insightful views in a thought-provoking tweet thread, primarily discussing the J6 defendants — a topic that this reporter is very passionate about.

Here’s what esteemed investigative reporter Julie Kelly said about the DeSantis/Trump rival as it pertains to January 6th defendants.

Julie starts out her thread by hitting President Trump for his lousy personnel choices in 2016 and beyond. She isn’t wrong. President Trump surrounded himself with the very “snakes” that he warned about countless times on the campaign trail.

One could argue that this is a direct consequence of electing an outsider. It appears that President Trump was treating his White House like a board room, where working with your enemies happens every day. Sadly, DC is not a “board room.” It’s a swamp that’s much deeper than we ever realized.  Has Trump learned from his past mistakes? Let’s hope so.

Julie also raises questions about whether Ron DeSantis could handle the immense pressure that President Trump faced. It remains uncertain; as governing a state is vastly different from overseeing an entire country. One potential advantage for DeSantis is that he is an established politician, unlike Trump, who is an outsider.

Here’s the first tweet:

Julie proceeds to touch upon the infamous COVID lockdowns, widely recognized for their detrimental impact on the US economy, middle-class households, and small businesses nationwide. Julie assigns equally negative ratings to both President Trump and Ron DeSantis. However, it is worth acknowledging that President Trump appropriately delegated a significant portion of decision-making authority to the individual states, which was the right thing to do.

DeSantis definitely had his fair share of COVID blunders.

Julie then goes on to discuss DeSantis’s stand on January 6th. Up until Thursday, it was hard to know exactly how Ron felt about January 6th defendants, because he refused to comment on the political prisoners, most of whom are from Florida. As a matter of fact, family members of a defendant who tragically committed suicide over his treatment lashed out at DeSantis for ignoring them when their family needed him most.

Big League Politics:

A close family member of a victim who committed suicide under duress caused by the illegal and unconstitutional Jan. 6 probe is speaking out on the cold and callous behavior of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis.

Matthew Perna committed suicide in March 2022 after being hit with a multitude of charges for peacefully protesting in and around the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6. His aunt, Geni Perna stated in a recent interview that DeSantis ignores all of the calls from Jan. 6 whistleblowers who are speaking out against the injustices that are being perpetrated upon pro-MAGA patriots by the federal government.

“Ron DeSantis has nothing to do with any of the people from Florida, and there are more people in Florida than any other state who were arrested for Jan. 6, and he ignores every one of their calls. People are desperate,” Geni Perna said.

This is a major problem for DeSantis; as the J6 issue is a cornerstone of the MAGA movement. DeSantis finally spoke out, saying he’d pardon non-violent offenders, including President Trump. However, as Julie points out, Trump came late to the party, but at least he showed up before primary season. Here’s her third tweet:

Julie believes that both President Trump and DeSantis can do better when it comes to January 6th defendants. However, in Trump’s defense, he did make this a “national issue” when he discussed the J6 defendants on the CNN town hall, and said he would be pardoning the non-violent offenders.

Julie’s fourth tweet:

And, pay attention: this is not just some political parlor game, it’s an existential issue if we want to have a free country.

Perhaps DeSantis was following Julie and got the message because he finally addressed the issue of political persecution in the context of J6 and beyond.

It’s encouraging that Trump and DeSantis are now competing on the political territory of getting justice for politically persecuted Americans. For Julie, the jury is still out on who to vote for.

The final tweet encapsulates Julie’s fierce and heroic devotion to this issue:

Ms. Kelly’s thread provided much food for thought, and it will certainly be intriguing to observe how and when Trump and DeSantis will clash on this crucial issue of paramount importance to our nation’s future.