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Richard Hanania is a popular figure on Twitter, He’s president at Center for the Study of Partisanship and Ideology and is also a Fellow at UT Austin. What makes him even more intriguing are his thought-provoking political insights and predictions. His latest forecast is causing quite a stir. Richard’s prediction revolves around Trump’s VP pick for 2024. Rumors have been running rampant about who Trump might pick — could it be Kari Lake or perhaps Ron DeSantis? However, Richard confidently dismisses these possibilities. According to him, Trump’s ultimate choice will be none other than Republican Tim Scott.

Yes, you heard right.

Here’s what Richard said in his tweet thread.

Trump is going to be the nominee, and I predict he picks Tim Scott as his running mate. Everyone loves an inoffensive black conservative, especially swing voters. Democrats will have to walk on eggshells in critiquing him. Trump-Scott ticket will be very tough to beat.

Dems are able to attack the clown black conservative, Herman Cain or Diamond and Silk. Or Ben Carson, a talented surgeon who clearly knew nothing about policy. Clarence Thomas is angry and surly. But “nice black next door neighbor” is a different genre. Very tough for them

Many conservatives have a belief that “Democrats are omnipotent and can do whatever they want, they create their own reality and there’s nothing anyone can do about it.” No, they sometimes get put in tough situations. Stop treating them like god.

Tim Scott is an interesting politician who would certainly be considered a “safe” choice for Trump. He has an affable personality, perhaps even overly so. Many critics say Scott is a typical establishment politician who lacks initiative and simply follows popular opinion. On the other hand, supporters of Tim Scott believe he embodies a more “kinder and gentler” era in politics, which resonates with many conservatives exhausted by constant conflicts. Furthermore, Scott is black, so virtue-signaling conservatives incorrectly believe that will be a shield against accusations of “racism” from the left. Nevertheless, there is a deeper aspect to Scott’s appeal beyond kindness and skin color.

Actually, Revolver wrote a piece on Tim Scott as a potential Trump VP pick two years ago, and in that article, we explained why Scott would not be the right choice.


President Trump may see a team-up with Sen. Scott as his path back to the White House. Doubtless, his advisers tell him that this would appeal to non-white voters and moderate whites (by showing he is Not Racist), expand his coalition and give him the advantage over President Biden or (more likely) President Harris.

President Trump should ignore this advice. Senator Scott doesn’t deserve to be the Republican all-star he is treated as, and he absolutely doesn’t belong on a Republican presidential ticket.

As the party nominally opposed to affirmative action, it is unsurprising that the Republican Party practices it more aggressively than any other institution in America. Republicans are mostly white, and their leaders are mostly white men. Rather than realize there is nothing wrong with that, Republicans have accepted the left’s moral framing, and are desperate to elevate women, non-white, and gay figures as a way to “prove” the party is not bigoted.

This doesn’t mean in the slightest that all conservative women and minorities are overhyped tokens. South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem would deserve national praise for defying coronavirus insanity even if she were a man. Justice Clarence Thomas would be the finest constitutionalist on the Supreme Court right now no matter what his race.

Tim Scott isn’t an awful senator. He isn’t a stealthy open borders zealot, and he’s “conservative enough” on most big issues. Yet, once again, the question Donald Trump and every other Republican must ask themselves is this: Purely on the merits, does Tim Scott deserve the hype he’s gotten as the future of the party, or a potential Trump running mate? An honest look at his record shows the answer must be “No.” At critical moments, Scott has repeatedly abandoned conservatives and nationalists to hand victories to globalists and the left, sometimes with lethal consequences.

This could potentially shed light on Scott’s unexpected entry into the 2024 race. It seems like a sort of “audition” aimed at impressing GOP voters and President Trump. If Trump decides to choose Tim Scott, it’s possible that he will assume the role of a black Mike Pence, providing the somewhat jittery Republicans from 2016 and 2020 with a seemingly more rational option on the ticket.

We encourage you to read the entire Revolver exposé on Tim Scott. You can find it by clicking here.