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Independent journalist and filmmaker Mike Cernovich recently shared a viral tweet containing a bombshell revelation. The tweet focuses on the case of the “Michael Jackson” subway performer; a violent and mentally ill man who died during an altercation with a Good Samaritan we’ve dubbed the “Marine Subway Hero.”

As you likely know by now, a commuter pinned down an aggressive and unhinged vagrant named Jordan Neely on a Manhattan subway train after he started a terrifying rant. A freelance journalist witnessed the entire incident and said that Neely was screaming in an aggressive manner, took off his jacket, and threw it on the ground. The commuter, a former Marine, put Neely in a chokehold and kept him pinned down for about 15 minutes. Neely ended up dying.

Neely, who used to perform as a “Michael Jackson” impersonator on the subway, made it clear he wanted to do something illegal just to be sent back to jail where he could have a roof over his head and a meal to eat. That’s enough to scare anyone.

This tragic story is gaining traction similar to the “George Floyd” incident, with politicians such as Al Sharpton and AOC stoking the fires and riling up the radicals by defending a violent career criminal who had over 40 past arrests. They’re now labeling the Marine Subway Hero as a “murderer.”

The aforementioned ten-year-old Reddit post about Jordan Neely unfortunately foreshadowed the whole affair. The post was written by a scared commuter back in 2013 who warned others to stay away from the “maniac” on the subway.


Try to stay away from the Michael Jackson impersonator if you see him…

Used to be all cool, dancing to MJ in the subway train, but as of late he’s become a maniac.

Sometime in late Spring/early Summer I saw him in the train, his radio fucked up and he was angry as fuck, cursing and bad mouthing commuters screaming “What the fuck are you looking at? Dont fucking look at me!” Totally didn’t expect him to act as such.

Ever since that day he’s just been a scary dude to me. He doesn’t dress up anymore. No more dancing…just asks for money. Occasionally shouting obscenities.

Today, however was odd. Sometime in the morning, on my way to school I’m sitting on the bench and out of nowhere hear someone just going off, cussing up a storm. It was the MJ dude. Everyone besides this guy was quite. A MTA crew was there but did nothing and just let him continue blow his gasket. Train arrives and I just get in the car he’s not in because I’m sure as fuck not getting in the same car as him. Dude didn’t even wait till he got inside the train. I was scared for the people next to him out of fear that some one was gonna fall on the tracks.

Just avoid the guy at all costs, try not to look at him at all. Stay safe.

Pics for reference

Another passenger who encountered the scary “MJ performer” also left a comment on the post.

Was the early summer freak out on the A train? I wonder if we were in the same car. I was trying to get away from one creep to my right only to run into MJ screaming obscenities to my left :/ haven’t really seen him since but totally agree…that boy ain’t right. Pretty sad that whatever mental condition he’s dealing with has escalated like this though.

Jordan Neely has a history of struggling with mental health issues. In the past, he had a confrontational encounter with an online provocateur named “Joey Boots,” which sheds light on his behavior. Interestingly, Joey had also confronted Tucker Carlson in the past, but their reactions couldn’t be more different. This video is a stark reminder of that contrast.

It’s unbelievable that this has been happening for over a decade and New York City just lets it happen. The city not only failed the commuters, but also Jordan Neely, who obviously needed to be locked up in an asylum that could potentially rehabilitate him. Yet AOC and Al Sharpton continue to perpetuate this unhealthy cycle by portraying this violent man, who clearly had issues, as a victim.

A commuter who was on the train during the violent altercation with the “Michael Jackson” subway performer left a powerful comment on a recent New York Post article recounting their encounter with the violent man.


Neely actually wanted to harass people just so he could go back to jail and have food and shelter. It’s pretty sad and shows just how messed up NYC is. When Reddit eventually deletes the original post you can find the archive here.