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February 2022 statistics released by the London government have sparked widespread concern and raised serious questions about the recent trend of “victimizing” and “coddling” of the black community. This trend has been very popular among left-wing politicians, Hollywood, law enforcement, as well as local and state governments who are advocating for ridiculous reparations and dangerous and deadly bail reforms.

As this twisted mentality gains traction in the name of progress and political correctness, the unfortunate consequence is a significant surge in black crime rates, resulting in the tragic loss of life.

According to these stats, even though they comprise only 13% of London’s overall population, black Londoners represent a staggering 45% of the city’s knife murder victims, 61% of the knife murder perpetrators, and 53% of the individuals involved in knife-related crimes.

Are you surprised? We see much of the same here in the U.S.

However, if you were to discuss these kinds of statistics in America, the entire left-wing faction would vehemently attack you and hurl all sorts of derogatory insults your way. It seems they would rather sacrifice innocent lives than risk offending anyone in the black community, even if it means protecting criminals, rapists, and murderers.

Remember this famous question – would you say the n-word to end world hunger?

Some responses are predictable, to say the least.

It’s truly a surreal and nonsensical clown world we live in when this question becomes a matter of serious concern in the USA. Have you listened to the average hip-hop song lately? They drop enough n-bombs to nuke an entire country 10 times over.

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Elon Musk recently reacted to how the media misrepresents facts and statistics on black crime.


Yes Elon, we’re all wondering the same thing.

Meanwhile, these troubling statistics serve as a stark reflection of the harsh reality many countries face today.

Despite making up only 13% of London’s total population, black Londoners account for 45% of London’s knife murder victims, 61% of knife murder perpetrators and 53% of knife crime perpetrators.

The London Assembly is concerned about these figures and has today called on the Mayor and the Government to set up a joint commission to specifically look at knife crime affecting the black community.

Sem Moema AM, who proposed the amended motion, said:

Tackling violent crime, which has had a disproportionate and tragic impact on Black Londoners, must remain at the top of City Hall’s agenda.

“I am pleased that this amended motion has been passed by the London Assembly today calling for City Hall and the Government to set up a joint commission to look at the additional resources needed to urgently address this issue.

“We cannot ignore the underlying factors behind violent crime, such as deprivation, lack of positive opportunities and inequality. This is why a continued multi-agency and holistic approach is needed, engaging all levels of Government”.

Shaun Bailey AM, who proposed the original motion, said:

“Since 2016, sanction detection rates have fallen from 17.3% to just 8.7% last year, despite there being more police on London’s streets than at any point in almost 20 years.

In London, they’re talking about the things that are now considered unspeakable in America. It’s reached a point where speaking the truth and sharing factual information is unjustly branded as “racist” or “bigoted.” It’s hard to wrap your head around it.

“I am very concerned especially as the statistics in the black community are so much worse, black Londoners are disproportionately more likely to be both the victims and perpetrators of knife crime. Until all Londoners are safe, London is not safe.

“The Mayor needs to take drastic and immediate action to reverse this devastating reality in our black communities.”

Amidst our debates over trivial matters like the usage of certain words, or how stats are “racist,” the unsettling reality is that events like this are unfolding and turning our lives and cities into a chaotic hellholes.

Radical leftists have created this new “mob” crime phenomenon by coddling violent minorities.

With both the border invasion and the surge in crime from within, the USA appears to be headed down a path of inevitable implosion.